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  1. The weird thing is I was pretty much clear when I started taking accutane. I don't know why but it must have been due to either UV rays or the fact that I was supplementing with extra zinc. I stopped tanning the day I started accutane and stopped using zinc over a week ago.
  2. DAY 21 Acne is now getting back to the way it was before so not sure if this is an initial breakout. Face gradually getting worse by the day. If it gets much worse I'll be seriously depressed by the end of the week. I just don't know what to make of this so far. My face is drier but nowhere near the kind of dryness I was expecting. Plus I was pretty much clear for the first 2 weeks of the course. On the positive side my chest and back are practically clear! My back was dreadful a few months a
  3. DAY 18 Have noticed an increase in facial acne today. Face is getting drier but not to the point where my skin is flaking. New spots aren't particularly big so I'm hoping they'll go down by tomorrow. Side-effects are still pretty minimal. Just chapped lips and a dodgy back.
  4. DAY 13 Still nothing to report. Lips still chapped but my face isn't dry at all. No initial outbreak yet and acne is barely noticeable at the moment. Only side-effect is an occasional headache but they tend to be very mild.
  5. DAY 10 Lips moderately chapped, face still quite oily. Still waiting for some kind of nasty outbreak. It's weird. I've had new spots coming through in the last few days but I'm just not worried about them in the slightest. It's definitely having some kind of placebo effect on me. What a shit night to be a Liverpool fan eh? How the hell did we get hammered by that dross? I'm digressing I know but it's seriously pissed me off.
  6. My acne was mild to moderate too. But persistent. You all sound like you know alot about this drug. I have a question that I can't seem to get answered.I have been on this shit for 10 weeks and my face is more fucked up than ever. Is this normal. I thought the initial worsening was only temporary. This sucks. I'm sore as hell. Lucky to get in the gym twice a week. Ribs, sternum, feet all hurt. Chest pains, headaches here and there. Sinus pressure and sometimes pressure in my ears./ Is all this s
  7. I stopped using it the other night as soon as I felt it stinging.
  8. DAY 7 Have had a few new spots popping up but nothing too large. Went out and drank quite alot last night( not a good idea I know but I can't live like a hermit for 4 months) but on the whole I'm drinking far less than I was pre-accutane. I'm hoping that using milk thistle every day will help keep my liver healthy. I was actually quite surprised when my liver tests turned out to be fine considering the ridiculous amounts I was drinking before. Not to mention the fact that I'd been taking antibi
  9. What dosage are you on mate? And who am I to stop this log from becoming a bit, well, you know...? I'm an open-minded guy. Have to say I prefer rock and dance to cheesy eighties disco. And Erasure were way better than Bronski Beat.
  10. It's difficult to know what to say. If I'm in your situation after a month I don't know if I'll be able to cope. Just stick it out. I know it's no great consolation but at least you're not working at the moment and you don't have to put up with people staring at you. I just hope it starts working for you soon. Good luck and chin up!
  11. I've cut down on alcohol but there's no way I could give it up completely for 4 months. I've indulged a bit tonight but nothing too heavy. I'd love to carry on topping up the old tan but I'm just not willing to risk it. I'm scared my skin will drop off. I live in between Halifax and Bradford. Fax is a good night out! Just stay away from the acapulco end of town.
  12. Best of luck! Sounds like it's kicking in already. I dunno, I feel for you. You suffer from acne AND you live in Brighouse. The gods haven't been kind to you.
  13. Good luck mate. I'm on 40mg too but haven't noticed any changes yet. I'm 2 days ahead of you.
  14. Thanks. I'm gonna try and keep it updated every 2 or 3 days if I can. I'll probably post a few photos at some stage if I can pluck up the courage. DAY 4 Not much to report at the moment. Arms are flaking a bit but that might have more to do with all the sun/UV rays I've been getting recently which has definitely made a difference. Obviously I'm not tanning anymore now I'm on tane which is a bit of a bummer cos everyone's been telling me I look alot healthier. Plus I think I look more attra
  15. Is your derm Babar by any chance? That guy wouldn't even give me antibiotics when I first saw him about 3 years ago. I went to a new derm at St Lukes in Bradford and she suggested giving (Ro)accutane a go almost instantly. I think they do put something in the water down in brighouse cos half the people there are nutters. I lived in the Rastrick area when I was a wee bairn. It's rough.