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  1. LuckyNumber7


    STTAARRR! Looking gorgeous as usual.
  2. LuckyNumber7


    cellulite?! give me a break. you're skinny as anything lol.
  3. i've ordered from lush before on the internet and their bath bombs are amazing! Too bad we don't have any actual stores, i love their stuff.

    1. aww, cocker spaniel right? He looks just like my little puppy!
    2. omg thats adorable! what is it? Looks like a kangaroo mouse chinchilla rabbit.
    3. LuckyNumber7


      you're just as cute as a button!
    4. i love your jewlery, i voted for you.
    5. eww, don't talk about your sexual practices whne commenting on my pictures.
    6. LuckyNumber7


      thats such a cute dress! Where did you get it?
    7. i just came across this website, www.lush.com, that has the most amazing products. It has a whole crapload of great skin care products like masks, soaps, and creams. Like 500 products, if I had to guess. It's mostly organic and a little pricey, but totally worth it. My new favorite is the Fresh Farmacy bar soap, its pinkish in color and contains calamine to calm red skin and chamomile, rose, lavender, and tea tree for and antiseptic, calming effect. It takes a little while, like a week, to take
    8. LuckyNumber7

      I hate being red.

      omg the same thing happens to me! I feel so embarassed to sweat or go to the gym because its so red, and it gets worse! Aww, I feel your pain sweetie.
    9. LuckyNumber7

      Day 20

      Carmex for dry lips brohaw
    10. LuckyNumber7

      And Wut??

      do you like experimenting with font options?
    11. wait, are you the kisser or the kisseee?
    12. LuckyNumber7

      Huge improvement!

      you have sweet teeth!
    13. dude yeah, definetely like Haylie Duff. Gorgeous though.
    14. LuckyNumber7

      napkin head!!

      ahaha! I love Jude Law, if thats who your quoting, lol.