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  1. where are you? hopefully around. hows your skin? that mask soap thing u talked about in your last post... what exactly did it do for your skin?

  2. Actually.. you're beautiful :)

  3. omg I got their Angels on Bare Skin cleanser/exfoliater which is REALLY nice, their shampoo bar and Jungle conditioner (makes my hair amazing) AND The Olive Branch shower gel. I am in love!

  4. i've ordered from lush before on the internet and their bath bombs are amazing! Too bad we don't have any actual stores, i love their stuff.

  5. hey I dont' wear lipstick but am wearing Aquaphor cause of the Tane dryness. Thanks though!

    PS - We have Lush at our local mall and the products are not only GORGEOUS but also work well!

  6. i just came across this website, www.lush.com, that has the most amazing products. It has a whole crapload of great skin care products like masks, soaps, and creams. Like 500 products, if I had to guess. It's mostly organic and a little pricey, but totally worth it. My new favorite is the Fresh Farmacy bar soap, its pinkish in color and contains calamine to calm red skin and chamomile, rose, lavender, and tea tree for and antiseptic, calming effect. It takes a little while, like a week, to take
  7. Hey, I'm having some trouble uploading photos to my album. I don't know why, but when I finally get around to inserting the picture and writing the description along with it, I hit the "upload" button and it takes forever to upload, and then eventually times out or the screen just goes blank. It could be my computer with the problem, but I was wondering what file types acne.org accepts, and which it doesn't. Sometimes, I've tried copy and pasting the picture URL from photobucket.com and when I p