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  1. Yeah, this is what Mederma did to my face. It was very itchy and flaky... and since I have to wear makeup to work everyday it just makes my face look worse than it would with just the scars.
  2. I bought Mederma a few weeks back and tried putting on my scars twice a day... but it seemed to dry my skin out A LOT and it would feel very tender, and then I would have this splotchy blush wherever I had applied it. But I was wondering if anyone else had tried it... maybe I was putting it on wrong?
  3. I'm visiting my sister now and while I'm not using the stronger proactiv, she let me borrow the 2nd best proactiv set (the three standard bottles and then the moisturizer), and I've been using it for about 4 days and I'm seeing results. YAY! I'm still getting breakouts here and there but the proactive is getting rid of them very quickly and my skin is slowly gaining moisture everyday. I had such a horrible flaking problem. I can't wait to see how my face looks in a month!
  4. I hear what you're saying... all I can ever think about is my acne. Is my makeup rubbing off? Are they studying my face? What do they think of me? Is there another zit coming right there? How does my face look in this lighting? If I put my hair just like this, maybe it will be less noticeable.... and on and on and on and on. I don't think people understand that when I look in the mirror, I feel like my face is disfigured. Sometimes I just wish I could rip it off!!!!
  5. I have both... I think I would choose body acne because I can at least hide it. And I can still be intimate if I can wear a shirt of have the lights dimmed or off. You can't cover your face, so.
  6. The ugly appearance. I hold myself to higher standards than I'll ever reach and the acne makes me extremely self-loathing. I also won't let anyone in because of it.
  7. Me! I turned down my 3-year crush as soon as he asked me out because of my acne....
  8. I'd actually prefer for a guy to have bacne so I don't feel bad about having it too hahaha... yeah, life sucks.
  9. It doesn't really matter what kind you use, because they all have the same amount of zinc in them and that is the active ingredient. I rub in on like a lotion, and make sure you spread it in an even and thin layer. I would just try a little and test how your skin responds to it.
  10. Both. It dries up acne very quick since it is basically getting rid of that layer of skin that traps the bacteria.
  11. This actually does work... if you use ridiculous amounts of Head and Shoulders on your back, it will start to peel like a sunburn and within a week all the acne/scars willl fade or be gone. Everynight I put a moderate amount of B&H on becasue without it my back will go CRAZY. Whenever something pops up on my back I drown it in H&S and within a week it will dry up and the scarred skin peels off like it was never there at all. And btw, it seriously is uncomfortable as hell if the dry, cr
  12. The only problem I have with being pale is the uneven skin tone I have. The tanner you are the more even it seems to look. For instance, you can see blue veins in some areas because my skin is so opaque. There's actually a blue vein under my eye that's kind of easy to see if I don't wear makeup.
  13. Hahaha no but you'll take off 10 years to your face in the long run. *dances*
  14. Usually it's morning/night. Yes, before sunscreen.
  15. Most skin products are... I'd say the are about the same price as quality scar reducing peels. $10-15... but it lasts a long time.
  16. I don't think skin type really has much to do with how one ages. Anti-aging products have collagen and such in them. They are just creams you rub in like a lotion. If you put them around and under your eyes, which is where people age the most, it would help if you are worried about oily skin and more clogging. You can get them at any store. Pretty easy to find as they will say 'ANTI-AGING' on them and they are always in the skin (acne) section. Just go to Wal Mart and use the self-checkout. N
  17. Actually if you start use anti-aging products while you are young and continue to use them you will age remarkably well. My mom is testimony to that. She looks very young for her age. Who cares that you're a guy. It's not like anyone will know you're using them.
  18. how can you see their freaked out faces if you hug them? does your head turn 180 degrees? Great mental picture .That made me laugh a lot. :lol: My friends say my skin looks so nice. When we were supposed to go camping and swimming, I told one of my friends I will probably wear a tank top swimming. She said, "So you don't get sunburn?" I told her that no, I was too embarassed about the acne on my back/shoulders. She was supportive and said that she and my other friend both had acne, an
  19. I have something brewing on my neck too... it's just a red sore bump right now, and I'm hoping it will just slowly go away instead of getting worse. What sucks is that it's right in the front, and it's SO visible.
  20. I connect better with people I like personally. Besides, I've NEVER been attracted to someone on appearance alone. As a Friend or as a 'love interest'. I might say to myself, 'hey, that person is good-looking' as an observation, but who they are is 100 times more important than that.
  21. I have issues with my skin and body... so I know what you mean. It's hard to be motivated to work out when you feel depressed about yourself.
  22. At least you aren't invisible to others. Be proud to stand out. I don't stand out in any way.
  23. Hahahaha! ME TOO! I am so critical of myself, I could make a 20+ long list of all the things wrong with my face. My jaw is crooked, one side of my face is thinner than the other, and one cheek bone is higher... my molars don't align on one side, my nose sticks out five miles from my face. I truly think that if one obsesses, the mind can play tricks on you and you will see things worse than they are. Many people with eating disorders will be 80lbs but see a fat person in the mirror (not l