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  1. I also would highly recommend jojoba oil. Just apply a couple drops a few minutes before the BP and you don't even need moisturizer afterward. It will get rid of all the flakes!
  2. Congrats! Does the acne come back worse when you stop taking it? Thats what I would be affraid of. Right now I'm trying to clear my skin without any prescription drugs or BP and when i'm strict with my regimen, my acne is under control. Well, just to clarify - spiro is only for women, unfortunately. I have several friends who are on it and are having awesome results too. I am planning on staying on it until I decide to have a baby someday, maybe in a couple years. If I still have acne afte
  3. Well, after having acne for 14 years and trying EVERYTHING... my doc put me on spironolactone 100 mg/day and after 4 months my face is CLEAR. And I really do mean completely clear! All my friends and co-workers have been commenting on how beautiful my skin looks which makes me feel absolutely wonderful! The medicine did take about 2 months to kick in but I didn't have any side effects and I love love love having clear skin. My theory is that pretty much any woman who has acne probably has some
  4. I went up from B to C when I went on yasmin, but then I switched to yaz and they went back down to a B again! Needless to say, I am switching back to yasmin very soon!
  5. Well my friends and family started noticing it within a couple months. It was about a whole cup size different. Anyone else ever had this happen? Or am I just a freak. ><
  6. Well, when I went on yasmin my boobs got a lot bigger and today my derm gave me a prescription for spiro. I know that spiro has similar effects to yasmin, so did anybody else notice any change in boob size while taking yasmin or spiro? Just wondering if I should expect any changes ... don't want to have to go buy all new bras again lol.
  7. I'm afraid I can't control the consistency of the benzoil.. I only repackage it. And yes, water has always been on the label, but there's not much in it. I just found out that Bob sold his "recipe" to a Canadian company who will begin to sell it in 2008! I have about 10 jars left and then I won't be reselling it anymore. Message me if you would like a jar.
  8. Lasers can cause hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin, not permanent) if you have dark skin. If your skin is just a medium natural tan color then it really shoudn't be a problem if he uses a low setting. Maybe you should look around and find someone that will do it for you. Your doc is probably just afraid of messing up your skin color.
  9. The vbeam laser is definitely the best laser to get rid of acne scars. I've had several treatments done and all my scars are gone.
  10. I used to have this exact same problem until a couple years ago my doctor put me on Lexapro for the anxiety. I am happy to say I don't have this problem anymore! I just hope maybe that advice can help other people too.
  11. Just what I said.. Don't know yet/if/when prices will go up or stay the same. I know that it will still be 20/jar for at least another month or two.
  12. Hey everyone, just wanted to update you all. Bob is no longer selling to the public, just wholesale customers who buy it for $400/gallon. The price has doubled recently but I am still going to be selling it for $20/jar for now. As far as I know and from what Bob has said, I am the only one able to retail this product online anymore.