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  1. yes.. i will never get such injections again..i should have done more research on this issue even before going for such injections.. now im not sure if these indents will be permament.. im so sad..
  2. yes.. triamcinolone is a type of steriod i believe also commonly use to reduce inflammation.. they have given me scars much worse than if i had just let them heal by itself
  3. i got a triamcinolone injection a few days ago for acne on my face.. the acne has since flatten but now i realize that the places injected have holes caving into my skin.. however they are not of skin color but red in color.. are these the type of identations that is often mentioned?? im so depressed.. shldnt have gone for the injection.. Pls help!! Thanks!!
  4. And if im going to use benzac 2.5%, how much is the full amount to use?? Thanks alot!
  5. hi fellow singaporeans.. are you guys still on the dan's bp regimen? hows the results so far?
  6. will adding more lemon juice in the egg white and lemon mask help more for red marks??
  7. u should be using one egg worth of egg white and add in one tsp of lemon juice... u can leave the mask on for 20 to 30 mins...
  8. But it requires ppl in the forum to contribute advices and suggestions ..... I thought of something like this :Is it possible to crush up vit. C tablets, add water and make them into a paste then applying it on the face like an aspirin mask? since vit. C is effective in increasing collagen production and promoting skin cells renewal, it may be able to fade red marks if we apply it directly on the face... so ppl, pls feel free to contribute advices.. thanks cheers
  9. talking abt adding acv, lemon juice, honey, aloe vera,etc to the aspirin mask.... will they be able to dissolve the crushed aspirin? if they are not able to, how do you get the aspirin mask?
  10. Will leaving baking soda on the face have any effect on red marks and acne say fading the red marks or improving acne???
  11. Is Evening primrose oil for females only? can males take them too??
  12. I am thinking of taking this OMEGA 3-6-9 too...what are the benefits? Does it helps with acne?
  13. dilute it with water eg:1 part water to 1 part acv... or u can apply it neat.
  14. Why arent any Singaporeans posting here ??????
  15. popcornpop, i personally think that if you still have active acne, you should concentrate on clearing the active acne first. work on the scars later on when you have to more active acne.