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  1. You really should moisturize on accutane. Remember, oil in and of itself does not necessarily cause acne-- it's the clogging of your pores. Accutane works in more than one way: it reduces inflammation, reducles sebum production, and it also normalizes the way your skin sheds cells. The last one is arguably re most important: your skin can be incredibly oily but if your pores don't get clogged you won't get acne. Bottom line is this: while it feels bad to put on moisturizer, it's definitely h
  2. My oil returned after accutane stopped. Bummer too since my skin was SUPER oily before and it was kind of cool to have "normal" skin! The frequency and severity of acne, however, was much improved.
  3. The drug is fat soluble so ideally you should be taking it with a "fatty" meal. Kind of contradictory, given accutane's ability to increase cholestrol levels, I know.
  4. Not to discourage you or anything but how is masturbation different from having sex? I'm pretty sure both would release the same kind of hormones into your system. Just find it kinda odd how people are singling out masturbation if having sex would basically be the same thing then.
  5. Just to serve as a counterpoint, I'm on about day 12 or so and I'm just finally starting to see oil decrease. It really, really varies. Here's hopin' that your's works quicker than mine!
  6. Has anyone here had their wisdom teeth removed on accutane? I was wonderin if it was safe or not to be on the painkillers and antibtiotics while on accutane. Obviously, I'm going to ask my doctor during the consultation but it seems like a waste if someone here has aleady been told not to do it before. Thanks in advance!