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  1. Dan's BP is so inconsistent in my opinion. One tube is never like another. Sometimes it's runny, sometimes it's thick. Sometimes it makes my skin extremely red, sometimes it feels great. Plus, they are constantly changing the labeling and now they just got rid of the tube so I may go back to the on the spot. For the most part, Dan's BP did do the job though and that is what counts.
  2. You guys really should bring back the 4oz tube. Why take away such a good thing? BP really shouldn't be dispensed with a pump in my opinion.
  3. Thanks Dan. Would definitely buy one without the SPF.
  4. I agree. Some people post at work where caps lock is always on so they have no control over it. But I agree with what you are saying about working with people.
  5. You forgot the 's' in the word errors.
  6. It sounds like the thread starter is using the old old batch (the original stuff) and may not know why the 'old batch' caused redness. The preservatives or whatever are probably what he is seeing in the ingredient list. But yes, from all of the great reviews, the most recent batch is very good! I should have mine this week!
  7. I hope he has one without the SPF. I really don't need the SPF (I prefer all the color I can get from the sun) and I like to keep things simple with what I put on my face anyway.
  8. Your package has been ready since June 2! Go pick it up! A notice means that you were not home when it was being delivered and the postman left a note saying to come pick it up. But the note may have blown away in the wind or been mixed up in your other mail. Usually they leave it on your front door.
  9. While I am glad to see more products in the CSR line, I have been using the Walmart version of Head To Toe Baby Wash with great success. It is extremely gentle yet cleans very well. And priced around $1.15 for a huge bottle, it's going to be hard for me to pay around $10 (+ shipping!) for a different cleanser. The moisturizer on the other hand, well it's impossible to find one that is perfect all around so I'll be willing to pay more for that!
  10. I highly doubt anyone is going to buy a used tube at practically new cost. I know I wouldn't.
  11. That is believed to be responsible for its usefulness in acne. According to my medical information, "the exact method of action of BP in acne vulgaris is not known". BP works wonders for many people while it does little if anything at all for others. I'm not arguing with anybody, but if we knew more about acne and how the treatments worked then the treatments would be far more successful in most people.
  12. I use prescription 2.5% BP (Glades). I believe a company called Stieffel makes it and sells it to various relabers (Kaiser, Glades, Benzac, etc). It's really good stuff. It also contains a small amount of dimethicone, which is used in many moisturizers as a skin protectant. It doesn't make my skin red at all when I use it. You still need a bit of moisturizer though. If you can't get this, I'd just hold off for the mail and get Dan's CSR gel. I am going to try it next time I get low on m