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  1. Try cognitive behavior therapy. Basically, keep telling yourself "I cant control other peoples behavior towards me, I can only control how I react to it". Calm yourself by relaxing your whole body. Any tense muscles, relax them one by one, have a code word that reminds you to relax. To their comments and what you are telling yourself, repeat, "so what, who cares what they say.." your mind will have negative comments, just keep saying to yourself, these thoughts are not good for me.. I choos
  2. Do accutane. I regret being scared and waiting years and years until the scars piled up. I ended up doing acctane and it cleared me up. I did accutane 5 years ago and still wake up.every morning smiling that I dont have big cysts anymore. I should have done accutane when I was 17 not when I was 28. I am now 33 no more acne but scars that could have been avoided. Oh well.
  3. there is no god, theres no magical being up there .... and if there is, i hope he suffers like i have.
  4. Im 31 never had a girlfriend, but ive dated couple of women for couple of months... I just look at everyone around me and the way they act towards me, just makes me want to be alone for the rest of my life... why would i want to go on vacation with one of them, and have the girl im with be embarrassed to be with me?
  5. I was dating this girl for 5 months... I showed her my white scars/pink scars on my chest... she didnt care much, she herself had small holes around her stomach b/c she had medical problems.... we were both shy about it, but didnt matter when we were together.
  6. I smile and placate their negative comments, seems to enrage them when they see your reaction, like nothing phases me. even a slight smirk. It is entertaining to say the least. Just dont let it get to you, It stings, but the reaction is even more irritating to them.
  7. what the hell is your problem? you think marriage is some kind of game you can just quit? Honestly, its just that he doesn't understand. Take a minute to sit down with him, explain to him how much your hurting and he will see how much it hurts you and show you the support you need. Unfortunately, guys do not have the mind reading powers that females seem to have, however I don't think any man want's to see their girl cry and marriage is an oath to support eachother, I'm sure if you explain i
  8. u should divorce him and find someone who understands. He is going to say those hurtful things all the time. He is saying, "its just the way it is, and thats my answer", no being considerate, no support.. live with his answer or leave.
  9. Lisbeth Salander.... from the girl with the dragon tattoo books (great novels and good movie) cold, heartless, odd, not really good at relationships, secluded, like nothing can fade her.
  10. Story of my life, at least you went to a social gathering, I haven't attended a family gathering in 8 years.... sick of people and their horrible glances and their comments... I hope karma hits them in the face.. another less A hole on this universe to comment on my skin........ I laugh at all the failed marriages/relationships of these guys who take advantage of everything, wanting more and more ... and the women who just take it.. get abused... ill never be like that...
  11. force your dermatologist to give you accutane! do accutane as early as possible, dont be like me who waited 10 years from 18-28 (suffering severe acne) b/c i was too scared with accutane. I have been clear for 1 year and a half and it has changed my life. you dont want to be like me who cant feel any human compassion or human emotion b/c of my suffering in silence for 10 years.
  12. Its her polite response to she doesnt like you. I mean if someone likes you, they would see you every weekend dont you think? not in 2 months she will talk to you in person for 5min and move on... shes in your area too, Or she would ask you over there every weekend, and im sure you would do anything to get there..... she hasnt asked you at all... this one girl i saw for a while lived 45 min away from me... she saw me every friday or saturday night for a couple of hours for 5 months... she fou
  13. pretty much these stupid companies want to cover all their bases...... look at the side effects they listed, its pretty much everything you can think of so they dont get lawsuits.
  14. Lets be honest here... she turned you down. Its okay though, set yourself up for disappointment, because in the end its 50/50 chance you will get what you want, thats life. being vulnerable is like a broken heart waiting to happen sometimes. I dated this girl went to the movies twice after work, I aimed my expectations really really low with her, while I was with her I just kept reminding myself to enjoy it while it lasts, at the end I got what I wanted out of the relationship, I think we bot
  15. I hate that when I hear that comment in movies. I can sum up my highschool and college years, "run and hide"... all because of acne and scars. by the time i get to old age, ill be saying "i survived" rather than lived a full life. F those people who say that!