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  1. oh God! you just hold your head high and get you a new derm. everythign will workout in the end. this is bullshit fucking derms i hate them with all intensity. they will suck you for every penny they can .
  2. Omg.. just yesterday I was driving around with my two best friends (a guy and girl), and they were talking about some old english movie.. about some sexual scene in it... and then my guy friend is like "She was ugly though.. she had acne and stuff".. and my other friend was like "ewww" ... and then I snapped at them and said "uh, thanks guys.. I have acne?!". Then it got silent lol honestly i would never take you for having pimples. yeh you might get them but your overral tone is beautiful. y
  3. lol oh my God that shit happened to me. i got into a fight with a co worker and told her to go fuck herself and then walked out. it started like this: some guy came in barging in saying " so you gonna turn the pump on for me or what" i told him well he needs to pay first. then the bitch co worker ( who thinks she actually owns the station) yells turn the pump on for him so i do . then the guy throws the 20 on the counter. i already turned it on for him so i cant cahs the 20 out until hes
  4. yeh henry your the perfect canidate for accutane 2 or maybe even 3.
  5. yeh man it's a fucking battle alright. henry call your derm and tell him the moment you stopped the accutane boom brekaing out as consistently as you were b4 starting it. im sure he will understand and then put you right back on it. this is bullshit. man i hope this acne is gone for good. when im off. God knowing your skin is just like mine, inconsistent i'll be back to the same old shit as usual. life is a fucking depressing piece of crap when you got this skin ailment. God why do you do thi
  6. yeh henry i told you so. i think your skin is a canidate for 2 courses because you just had so much shit inyour pores. and curing it is goign to tkae more than 1 course for you. plus in that time your red and brown marks would fade and be gone most likley while continuing the accutane. you just want to avoid brekaing out and starting this shit all over again. life fucking sucks sometimes. but the human will is great. you know your skin. and if you see your starting to breakout again consistently
  7. you have attained the greatest triumph my man. you have come a long way and God willing with time everything will stay that way.
  8. what can i say that hasn't already been said acne, the ithcing, redness , the pain mental and physical, it all sucks
  9. what cna i say that hasn't already been siad acne, the ithcing, redness , the pain mental and physical, it all sucks
  10. yeh henry im getting some cyst but i dont know if their the biggest ever but their still there mixed with my already blotchy looking skin. i just dabbed some neosporin that should help hela it. but im worried about all the oil. oh well as long as i wash my skin afterwards in the morning and take my pills i should be fine. THE SHIT WE HAVE TO WORRIE ABOUT!!!!!!! i swear to God i seen some guy touch a whole bunch of change and then rub his hands all over his face , slept on it but yet wakes u
  11. i guess it's pitty that you want. sorry i cant be the one to give it to you .