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  1. It looks like it faded my scars somewhat, but it drew like six zits out from my face too. We'll see what happens in a couple days.
  2. I'm on it right now. It's been two days so far. It appears to be working nicely for me as I've yet to break out. So, that's a plus.
  3. If you like a red face, filled with zits, and a product that stops working about a month into it....Proactiv is right for you! Oh, did I mention the OH-SO KEWL, AND ONE OF A KIND "FACE THE FACTS" BOOK, and the OH-SO SWEET FREE MEMBERSHIP TO THE HEALTHY SKIN CLUB?!11!? Proactiv is shitty as hell, and will not work. Don't waste your time and your money. It will do nothing for you.
  4. Capsiderm killed all my breakouts. I became breakout free, but tomato face red, so it had its cons and pros for me. By the way, I am STILL red from Capsiderm and I stopped using that almost two weeks ago. I'm on tetracycline now, along with some weird pill to kill inflammation. I'm also using Zapzyt soap, which is terrific.
  5. Exactly what did it do...meaning, how long did it take for the redness to subside?
  6. Oh shit. I took Minocycline for like....four months? It did nothing. Is four months bad? Man, I'm kind of scared now.
  7. Man, I just don't know how to get this REDNESS OFF MY FACE! It's been beat red around my cheeks for at LEAST two weeks. I washed too much, and it irritated the shit outta it. Hasn't reduced yet. I'm on penicillin. Also, I use that Aloe Vera crap which makes it EVEN REDDER. I used utter cream, and nothing. Neosporin? Nope. Ice? Nope. Fuck. I HATE going to school like this. I need IMMEDIATE RELIEF - SOMEHOW. Please. Somebody help me out.
  8. What a coincidence. I just bought this bar today and used it for the first time. We'll see what happens in the days to come. Right now, my skin feels real refreshed so that's a good thing.
  9. I'm gonna try it out tonight. What's it supposed to do?
  10. I'm in the same boat as you. All you can do though..is be confident as fuck. That's what I'm doing now. I walk through the school thinking I'm the sexiest thing alive. I don't know, I feel more confident that way. I make sure my hair is always nice, and I smell real good. Wear real nice clothes. That's about all you can do really. Just hang in there.
  11. Just to let you know... If you use this shit, it brings all the gunk up from the surface. Your face will be filled with zits most likely. Just be careful.
  12. Bottom Line: I get along with everyone. I talk to hot girls, ugly girls, fat girls, skinny girls, whatever, you name it. I'm very friendly in person. I'm a nice kid to talk to. Thatguy, I don't have any problems talking to hot girls, but yes, I have problems "talking" to hot girls...(going out with them as more then a friend) I never try, EVER, AT ALL, because I can't take being rejected. So, I don't try. So, you can shut the fuck up. You don't know me. And just because you've got
  13. See, it's fucked up because all the girls like me. I get hugs daily from all the hot girls. I assosciate myself around hot girls...alll the time. They say absolutely nothing to me. They aren't scared to touch me, or else they wouldn't always hug me. It's the GUYS who act like dicks to me...and it's only a few, but I mean, I always get them to laugh. When I walk down the hall, it's me they say "What's up man?" to. Just sometime they decide, "Oh, let's fuck with him!" At parties, It's a