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  1. sunshine, i would say the best thing you can do for yourself at this point and at your age is not to: 1) listen to all the negativity youll find on this board and let it get you down 2) get to the best dermatologist you can find in your city and let him get your acne under control. that will stop any further scars from forming. once your acne clears there are several things you can do for your scars but that will be a good 6 months to a year after your acne is treated depending on how they
  2. Ok buddy, you are out of control with your assumptions and logic. You keep throwing around the acronym "CIT" as if it holds this supreme meaning and advancement. Most of us here who dermaroll are performing "CIT" collagen induction therapy". This isn't rocket science. Try checking out the link I provided. You state matter of factly that, " the difference between a doctor perfoming it and you doing it is the quality of the roller and the length and durability of the needles" . I happen us
  3. i didnt post this to argue. i never said needling was ineffective unless a dr does it. theres a guy here who self needled and filled all his scars in over a two year period. he did not use these weenie rollers. but i hope what youre doing works out and we can all be cured. the difference between a doctor perfoming it and you doing it is the quality of the roller and the length and durability of the needles. just like the tca you can buy anywhere for CROSS is hooch and known to cause cancer. th
  4. i havent tried this myself so i cant vouch for its effectiveness but i dont know what you guys think this is really gonna do for you. medical grade rolling or dry needling by a professional, also known as CIT is the only way youre gonna get a puncture deep enough or numerous times enough to be effective on scarring. and from the photos your scarring looks pretty darn superficial. i have had dry needling professionally done many times and the results havent been much to speak of. i would like to
  5. Need someone to point me to a dermatologist in Nashville. Looking for the best in the area
  6. did you have these done at dr sires? si
  7. in southern california id recommend dr fitzpatrick in la jolla. he is expensive though. other than that its not hard out there to find derms with all the latest gadgets, they are everywhere. dr sire in fullerton is another i can think of off the top of my head
  8. my thoughts are these dont work. i had 5 or 6 sessions and saw no improvement. this is just injecting pure water into your scars. some people have reported good results but i cant
  9. people dont do it because not that many people do it anymore or suggest it so lots of people dont know about it. most people will hear about fraxel or c02 or something if they go searching for solutions. secondly its expensive, downtime is long, people are scared to do it, not every skin color is recommended, and it is very risky in the wrong hands. there is only one person i would trust for this and thats dr y in new orleans. at this point in time ive never seen anything better than dermabrasio
  10. ive been needled by susan church a few times and would recommend you see her if youre in the southern california area. i would not recommend you do this yourself unless you know what youre doing and plan to spend years doing it. the tool she uses makes hundreds of punches in the scar in seconds and you cant do that by hand. i didnt see drastic improvements in the scars but the collagen takes a long time to build and you gotta do it over and over. some icepicks i saw no change and a few and parti
  11. save your money on injecting water into your face....i had this done by dr sire in fullerton about 6 times and saw no results....zero...nada...none....all i got was a face that looked like it was dipped in a bee hive for the next few hours and bruising from the needles...it was also painful...total waste of time and money....youll also sit in their waiting room a good 45 mins minimum with the rest of the cattle