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  1. My skin can be 100% clear and I could masturbate and I will begin to break out. At the same time I can be in a period of bad breakouts and I masturbate and my skin clears. I have sex daily and I have noticed that, in my case, the best thing to do is either have sex daily or never have sex/masturbate at all because the change will result in breakouts for me. It depends on the person but in my case, unfortunately, there is a definate correlation between the 2 variables.
  2. i just got my 10% serum today and i tried it and it seems very drying. is it supposed to make yur skin peel hope it works [-o<
  3. do u use any other topical medications with the syrum? which eucerin do u use?
  4. i've been on retin a off and on for almost a year and i am clear. Now i only use it once a week and u my skin just feels better when I use it when i don't use it for a while i'm still good. When i first got it for about 5 monts i didn't use a moisturizer or sunscreen i'm paying for that now for not listening to derm ](*,) acnes gone dryness is in
  5. what are the requirements? at the store i work in they have almmost all the reccommended mooisturizers and i get a discount.. whats the difference between moisturizer cream and lotion?
  6. i can't afford anything on that site my mom bought me some pure glycerol.. is that aany good?
  7. I have very dry skin and i've tried aloe and i use neutrogena intensefied day moisture but nothing seems to be working. any suggestions?
  8. drink 3 cloves of garlic... i think the stench of that is worst than the worst acne
  9. retin a works good for the little bumps but it is not available over the counter
  10. i've been using their face scrub for a couple weeks now. I guess i am pretty clear but i am also using retin a so it could be either thats working. Have any of you had any success with their scrup?? i am also considering ordering their moisturizer, is it any good?