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  1. A LOT of people are misinformed about certain ingridients like mineral oil and vaseline and others. they do not clog pores.
  2. i find this bp to be a better deal than dans bp. reason why is cuz you dont have to use as much bp as dans and it lasts you a lot longer than dans. i believe the only reason why dan wants us to use a lot of bp, so we can run outta it and by more. i always found a 5% or 10% gel to be more effectice than any 2.5% gel. the thing is with the higher percentages, do dont have to use as much as dans.
  3. it says you need to use uncoated aspirin, but i cant find any. all they sell at the stores around me are coated aspirin. someone explain the difference between coated and uncoated and why does it matter what kind you get when you wanna use an aspirin mask. thanks
  4. massakur

    J&J Baby Wash vs Purpose Liquid Cleanser

    isnt this a babywash tho? you sure you can use this on a persons face?
  5. sometimes, depending on how dry my skin is. even if your skin is not really dry, you may wanna still use moisturizer just incase.
  6. for the longest time, i tried many acne cleansers and i never quite understood why they didnt work. i guess i knew all along, but i didnt wanna except it. lol for those that are trying acne cleansers, ditch them becaus they dont work. heres a good article i came across. http://www0.epinions.com/content_1716363396 The Importance of a Good Non-Medicated Cleanser Jun 22 '01 The Bottom Line A non-medicated cleanser can be highly effective, preparing your skin for any topical anti-acne treatments
  7. massakur

    dan and brandy

    http://tribes.tribe.net/no-more-acne/threa...94-6d325d19db15 can you please comment on this article? im just curious as to what you guys think. thanx!
  8. ive emailed a few dermatologists from different sites and i asked them about benzoyl peroxide. here is what they said about it more or less. Benzoyl peroxide is an excellent anti-bacterial agent, but it also strips skin of its essential oils. Regular use will dehydrate epidermal tissue and can set in symptoms of premature aging. Benzoyl peroxide's side effects are well-known and it is prescribed as a measure against acne infections that may be caused by temporary hormonal changes. Chronic acne
  9. i saw on the guys page this, BENZ-OIL - Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Oil Based Professional Skin Care Note: If you need 5% or 2.5% simply use less of the 10%! Using 1/4 less of the 10% strength on your face is equal to 2.5% - It is really that simple. this is just wrong information. i was gonna buy bp from him even tho its expensive, but now, im not sure.
  10. betty, please let me know how it works for you and how it feels on your skin. have you tried dans gel yet?
  11. anyone with me? its cuz the 4 oz gels run out too fast when youre losing a lot of bp gel.
  12. i really dont like the fact that this guy made the thing 20 dollars more expensive. i mean a day ago, a 32 oz bottle was 50 dollars and now its 70.
  13. yeah, a day ago a 32 oz bottle of benzoil was 49.99 and now its 69.99 this guy is a fucking ripoff!
  14. the irritation is due to people using the wrong products with the wrong ingridients most people do not know what theyre putting on their face dans regime is good and all, but the regime doesnt do anything about blackheads and clogged pores. sa works in concentrations 1-2, but i prefer anything 2% or higher. i usually use salicylic acid peels and i get much better results with those than leave on applications.
  15. a lot of people dont know what theyre talking about. using salicylic acid and bp together is not irritating. paula from paulas choice recommends using both cuz #1 salicylic acid exfoliates within the pores and helps prevent and treat blackheads and it also helps with blemishes. bp kills acne bacteria, so youre basically getting help for both pores and acne here. the reason why people always say its irritating to use both is because they arent using the right products. MOST otc salicylic acid pro