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  1. i have a scab , which will suppress the redness the best aloe vera or polysporin thx
  2. what is the best way to prevent scarring while on accutane
  3. what is the best product for accutane dry lips ..availible in canada..blistex? ive heard of intense medicated stuff is that prescription..? thx !
  4. HEY ! i was wondering wether it is easier to get rid of new or old scars because.... i broke out the other day , 5 big zits on my cheek , 3 of them scarred into small indents , now im clear with these shallow scars , i know i could exfoliate them away with baking soda right now and they would go away , but i want to let my skin have some down time , so i was just wondering.... is it going to be harder to get rid of them in the future or now , i dont want to have a regret... thanks for any u
  5. hey , i month ago i scrubbed my face wayyy to hard with baking soda , it pussed , it was like an open sore, scabbed a bit , and healed smoothly , but now its a totally red area , do u think this is a scar forever or just semi permanent redness , if so what can i do to treat it? thx so much !
  6. hey guys ! i am set to start accutane in spetember. my history is that i have had mild acne for 5 years ( im 18 ) and i have some mild scarring on my cheeks , for this reason i will go on accutane , as my acne is right now i would prolly not go on accutane , but because of the scarring i need to terminate it , i also get bumbs on my back . my acne right now is almost absent on my cheeks ( just scarring) and a few pimples around my mouth. i was wondering. since my acne is so mild right now . how