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  1. I want to go running but I don't know if I should wear some foundation or something to cover up... My face is not broken out much, just something really, but I've got red marks, and against my super pale skin they show really much! I mean I want to cover them up, but would that hurt my skin?? What do you suggest me to do?
  2. I'm on my second course and neither this or the previous one has brought me an IB... I just haven't stopped breaking out... and I've began the course just 2 days after you! What a coincidence Good luck, hope you are clear soon.
  3. Yeah, maybe I'll try this way. I only wanted that it was she inviting me anyway, not me having to say I've got nothing to do and then she *maybe* will invite me. Yes, maybe cause these 2-3 days haven't been great, and I'm starting to think that I'll stay home alone... I don't want to... I'm 19 for God's sake, m parents really will start thinking there something worng with me...
  4. This is difficult, cause last year I had 5-6 and I respected 3... Not too bad, anyway I'll also make it in order to the most important. 1. Stop biting the skin around my nails (if I wasn't disgusted with that I would post a pic) 2. Loose weight eating ealthier and excersicing 3. Study hard at Uni and get high marks in exams 4. Get out more, know new people and strenghten friendships
  5. I do during the week, because I have a roommate and I really can't go without make-up. During the weekend I'm at home with my parents and sister so I don't.
  6. I got my first breakout when I was 16. By first breakout, I clearly don't mean first pimple, cause everyone gets those, and I too would get those in middle school, but it was isolated and one per time...once every month, nothing really. My first brekout with 4-5 pimples at once. Then during the summer I started using Pure Zone, and after some time after school starting I was clear, with red marks but clear, and stayed like that untill the end of that year... The summer began and I was getting so
  7. I know it may sound as if already she invited me, but then the conversation went on and we talked about 'her' party, not mentioning my coming... I need another way. I know that she would be ok and happy if I went, but maybe she doesn't ask me cause she think that I'll go with my friends (who she knows very little), even if I said her that I didn't know yet what we were going to do... Can you think of something to bring up the subject without looking like I'm begging her to invite me?...lol Why
  8. You should use moisturizer on a daily basis Kanmi, in particular now that's winter (is it winter where you too are?) and cause you have been in Accutane for a long time. Moisturizer will help your skin with the red patches (that are couse by cold and/or dry skin) and also with scars and marks....
  9. So, here's my problem that may sound stupid, but we all want to have fun and have a good time with friends, and so on...so, you guys are actually the people that can understand me the most and that I rely on the most... Well, so my problem is that this year really suck. When me and my friends go out, we are usually 5-6 people and there are 2 of them which I feel closer to me. One has got a boyfriend and so it's clear, she will stay with him, the other goes with some other friends (and a friend
  10. You're the best - My dad You're unique and wondeful - My mom You're the only person I'd want with me on a desert island - My sister She's the best person I know - Always my sister (talking about me with a friend of ours) You have to believe in yourself, you need to, cause I already believe in you - My English teacher
  11. I REALLY don't think it's related... How could that be?? There are not scientific prooves.. And mind you, I've got trouble losing weight...and I'm here..
  12. Hi, I said Clear, cause it's the name of the brand I'm using. It's similar to the Head and Shoulder, so you can use this, as it's easily found in stores.... Go with that, it should work! ;)
  13. Accutane will be the best for you, but I think that since you are so young your derm or parents won't want to put you on it... Anyway you can try the Dan Kern's Regimen, which you can find on the home page of this site (not forum). It's a cleanser, treatment and moisturizer programm and it really works. My sister had hormonal acne just like you (cause she began breaking out at 12) and it completely cleared her skin. Be careful with the directions cause it's a pawerful thing, but as long as you s
  14. I like Clear shampoo (anti-dandruff) but also Head and Shoulder should be fine, this is cause they also help oilness of the hair, even if you don't have any dendruff, they are always good.