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  1. I am not going to do it for now. I Think it would be be too much. I wonder about long term effects. As far as I know, skeletal changes are associated with high dose, long term use but it's not worse risking to get rid of alligator skin on my arms. Also, I weigh 200lbs, so 40 mgs means a little less. Finally, according to the doc, bone changes are more common in those who are predisposed (osteoporosis, osteopenia, malacia, etc.) Anyway, my face has not been this clear in 20 years. That's
  2. I went tot he derm todya for a follow-up. He recommended a manitenaance dose of 40 mgs a day. 20 if it was too much. He said it would clear the KP for good in addition to keeping down the "inflammatiry process" in my skin. I am a little surprised and am on the fence about it. I was taking 120 before. He said 40 was mild. May be KP is not so bad.
  3. I never thought benzoyl was helpful. I found it irritating to my skin. I am trying to use as little chemicals as possible now that things are reasonably clear. I have noticed that leave on topical treatments got me into a cycle of drying then moisturizing, then acne, then more drying etc. No good. I have also noticed that my skin heals more quickly when it is left alone. Sometimes I use a cleanser called Aqua glycolic. It's really strong but it rinses off clean. I also use Amlactin for
  4. oops, and Chuck Norris? Long time acne sufferer?
  5. I agre about the different hair. Can you read? I am off all medications. OK an occasional Ambien if I really can not sleep. In my humble opinion, my skin would not have been ready for surgeries, mild or otherwise for a good 4 months following ACcutane. IT is ready now who is this idiot?
  6. My KP is still bad. It comes in waves. The sun makes it all but disappear but it only a temporary fix. I have started pouring on the Amlactin. Speaking of waves...mine are gone. Yes Catmin I agree, I think I said this a long time ago. My hair is now more uniformly straight, not thinner, just straight and less like a wool hat. Happy about that. My skin is back to its oily self and yes I have minor pimples but I ignore them and they disappear. There are no cysts, no remnants of cysts. It'
  7. I wonder if ACcuatne has done this too but then I think that I have read too much and am being convinced that Accutane causes depression even if it doesn't. Interestingly, some anti-depressants have a higher incidence of suicide than Accuante especially in teens. we are probably safe.
  8. I am not feeling like myself so my posts are not like me. May be I am suffering from the kind of depression with people without acne get. I imagined I would be happy as a damn clam without acne but I guess that was not the answer. Of course I am glad it is gone but now I have to get deeper than the skin. That might be even tougher than Accutane. It seems easy to blame unhappiness or discontent on the obvious (e.g. my stomach is fat, my face is pimply, etc). I guess I could focus on worko
  9. I am completely off Accutane. FAce and backa re perfect. shoulders still a little kp but I can live ith it. why must I battle kp?
  10. It's a long story, my Dad is sickies and it doesn;t look good. I think he had too much ACcutane so I am feeling a little crappy. I do have good news though...I went for a final, final MRI of my jaw and it was clear so they took me off all medications. Guess what? 2 days later, my KP started to clear and now is almost gone. I think I went through some withdrawl though. I still feel a little bit like garbage. I was taking so many anti inflammatories that when I stopped, I think jsut gett
  11. I Don;t understand how making another wound clears away a scar. I am glad tohear this is working but it does not make sense.
  12. amlactin does not do shit. trhe sun works but then my tan fades and it return.s chop offf your hair like natalie portman. My hair is really short. I'm starting to have major anxiety about it..... I think I'll be pulling it up a lot this summer........ Georgia, you will be pulling what up alot this summer? I thought you were married.
  13. It feels like summer to me. Short hair? Good, the new stuff will grow in healthy. I saw my dermatologist at the gym yesterday. He is really bitter about being a doctor. He thinks he is not making enough money for all then trouble he has to put up with. I found that strange. I also found it interesting that he did not mention my skin...I noticed for the first time that he has acne scars on the side of his head near his temples. I think they showed up because we were outside and over