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  1. Stop using that steroid cream IMMEDIATELY. It will make things worse in the future. Do not ever use steroid creams. They will cause more harm than good. It has a rebound effect and it can also make your condition even worse like in my case
  2. I almost never moisturize cause my skin is really oily (especially on the forehead). When I do moisturize, ny skin becomes too oily and shiny. Maybe I haven't found a good moisturizer. Is this what it probably is? Dry skin?
  3. I don't know how to explain it but the texture of my forehead is "blocky". It looks like a bunch of small square blocks covering every inch of my forehead. Aside from my forehead, my skin is smooth everywhere else. It makes my skin look really wrinkly and worn out. I'm 21. I haven't used any acne products for quite a while. What could this be? Dehydrated Skin? http://img188.imageshack.us/img188/8752/foreheady.jpg
  4. First of all, I'm 18. I had a cyst in my right maxillary sinus that was causing right sided headaches, stress, tension, fatigue and it was basically wearing the right side of my skin out. My left side of the face is extremely smooth without fine lines, but the right side is worn out with many fine lines due to the condition and stress it caused With this being said, now that I had the cyst removed, all the pressure and tension is gone. Can i expect my skin to repair itself from the damage or d
  5. I found this picture somewhere, but basically I have the same thing. It's not related to aging or sun. I don't go out much and always use sunscreen. What causes lines are these? http://www.acne.org/messageboard/post-a1155-.html
  6. I'm a 20 year old male and i'm ABSOLUTELY sure that i get breakouts from masturbating. I can go clear and smooth skin to INCREDIBLY bad in just a week of continuous masturbation. As soon as i take a break, my skin gets clear. It's a never ending cycle. Pleasure vs clear skin? Why can't i have both . Pleasure feels too good
  7. I've had seb derm for about 3 years now. My symptoms: Minor flaking accumulating over time on the sides of my nose and in the gap between my lower lip and chin. Hair loss and consistent dandruff on the scalp. Heavy redness and oilyness between my eyebrows and sides of noses and under lip. The scaling is minimal, but the redness makes everything look awful. It seems to get extra oily overnight. Another problem is this minor redness around my mouth. If i do anything that stretches the skin, lik
  8. Long story short, i developed two really deep fine lines in a matter of 2 years. I was having chronic headaches and eye pressure so i was CONSTANTLY squinting or raising my eyebrows forcefully. I dont feel like these lines were properly aged, i forced them out myself and everyone in my family has young looking skin, its in our genes. I wont be able to see a dermatologist for a while now because of insurance problems so i will need something OTC. Are there any products that RENEWS the skin rath
  9. over masturbating defenetly breaks me out.. i can be acne free for months and if i start masturbating 2-3 times daily i get breakouts even body acne
  10. EVERYTIME i have a pimple, it leaves a faint red/pink mark. I usually get 1-2 pimples every maybe 3 weeks but leaves a mark every time. Now it's accumulated and my face looks like i have freckles. I have a dot everywhere .. ugh. Its not really like some people's red marks where theyre very deep red from cystic acne and therye all bunched together.. mine are isolated tiny red dots. But a lot of em accumulated and now makes me look like a pizza! What should i use to SPOT treat red dot/marks?
  11. I think i have pretty bad acne/dermatitis/complexion.. yet others say theres nothing wrong. Like i asked my mom for her HONEST HONEST opinion and she said there was nothing wrong.. some mild acne thats normal. And then im paranoid about my seborrheic dermatitis (redness between my eyebrows). I told my friend that it was bothering me and she said she never noticed it before until i said so.. (WOW ive been stressing about it for like years). She says its slightly pink.it doesnt even matter ..while
  12. this type of thing is highly belived in china. Im chinese and all my mom keeps on saying is , stop all products and just do nothing. Eat healthy, drink water, drink herbs, exercise. We use natural herbs to "cleanse" our body of toxic fluids and stuff and just let our body repair our skin. It's a shared common thought amonst chinese. When my mom asked her friends for tips for my acne.. they all basically gave the same answer. Eat healthy, drink water, drink tea, take this and that herb, avoid thi
  13. I dont break out a lot.. like 1 pimple every few weeks. But whenever i get a whitehead/pimple/anything.. it leaves a flat red spot. My spots are all scattered. I have like one little dot up on my forehead, one by my cheek, one by my other cheek, by my jawline, theres a lot of em but theyre all scattered.. Whats good to spot treat them? I've had marks thats been there for like 5MONTHS.. its time to use something other than time. How does glycolic acid peel work? Is it supposed to work on large a
  14. i want them in a table or capsule or whatever form they come in in a bottle.. not pure oil. Im planning on taking them orally
  15. over by my house thers albertsons, walgreens, savons... is that what u mean by natural food store?
  16. Anybody know where to buy borage and flaxseed oil? What store? And what aisle is it under?
  17. Im gonna try using tea tree oil for my seborrheic dermatitis / eczema on my face... but where can i buy tea tree oil? By my place theres albertsons, savons, walmart, target, walgreens... also in what aisle will i find it?
  18. i think my acne is worse than the pictures. The pictures arent VERY detailed, theyre rather blurry and you cant see the bad texture / red marks well under close white light I have a bunch of little red bumps , colorless bumps (clogged pores?), some pimples, oily skin, seborrheic dermatitis (redness and oilyness around tzone and on sides of nose). Eczema around my mouth (brown/red patch that goes all around my mouth making me look like a clown). Ugh, bunch of skin conditions. Im glad i
  19. tried it last night. WOke up this morning my skin is looking soft and smoothand some of my active pimples FLATTENED .
  20. Whenever i get a whitehead, i use Clearasil ultra vanishing cream 10% bp. It diminishes my pimple/whitehead in less than a week. But it ALWAYS leave a dark mark. Will using 2.5% neutrogena / dan's bp change that?
  21. well i just bought the maybelienne green concelear u posted ... and i guess i should picked the other maybelinne concealer (not the green one but the one that matched my fair skin). I applied it on my brown marks and it leaves a faint green color but it works sorta ok, not as good as i woulda expected for my first time using makeup haha. Do you think its possible to exchange it for another one after opening and using it once?
  22. those are the brands right? what "type" of make up are they? Ex ... mascara, concelear, uhh etc. And it has be purchasable from a local drugstore. I cant order some makeup stuff i dont even know will work good on me
  23. So basically i have light brown patches all around my mouth. Im using hydroquinone right now but i read it takes quite a while to work. So meanwhile what can i use to cover the light brown patches. My skin color is white/paleish and im asian. What type of product or makeup should i use? Please try to be specific since im a guy and i dont know anything about makeup
  24. So... i have light brown patches all around my mouth. I think its from sun damage. I just started using hydroquinone but i heard it takes a while to work? (atleast 3 mths?). Im asian and my skin is yellow/paleish. Is there anything i could use to cover up the brown marks meanwhile? what type of products will i be looking for? Im a guy btw.