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  1. Hey, Interesting you said that about green tea because I was drinking green tea frappuccinos from Starbucks and my skin started clearing up! I know they aren't as good as green tea itself (which I am going to start drinking), but I believe it helped. I also started cleansing differently which probably helped too.. but I believe in the green tea!
  2. I totally hear what you are saying Jan. I wish I knew what my problems were for sure, I think a lot of it is hormonal, I just don't know. I dropped all the harsh products. Now I have been mixing St. Ives apricot scrub (for sensitive skin) with honey and a small amount of Ivory liquid soap. My skin is SO much better. In the morning I use a very small amount of the Ivory liquid soap again after I have lathered it in my hands. I notice that the pimples I get now are very liquidy white that pop (I
  3. Look forward to hearing your results.. sounds like something I would be interested in. How much is it?
  4. Mostly oily but products made for oily skin make it too dry.
  5. I've heard some people like Pear's soap and I found it at Wal-Mart for $8.95 for 12 bars. But I also see Dove for Sensitive Skin and Goat Milk soaps too... anyone try any of these? What soaps work best?
  6. I use Maybelline Wonder Finish. It is non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, won't clog pores, all day wear, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and dermatologist tested. Says all that right on the back! It's nice and thin, but I get oily quite quickly, so I mix it with Revlon Colorstay make-up which is thicker. It also is non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and dermatologist tested. So far, I'm liking the combination. I change my foundations quite often and seems to help. Always, always wash your hands well
  7. Ha.. I think it's time to grow up. If you don't have acne why are you here? I have used the aloe vera gel stick from the Body Shop on problem zits and it does help a lot. It dries them up so quick! I seem to forget about using it quite often but I will have to try it on the blackheads. Thanks for the good advice people.
  8. Search the forum.. there are a number of posts on this. I did the complete system and it didn't work for me. A lot of the responses from people that have tried it have not had good results and it's pretty impossible to get your money back.
  9. I swallowed last night.. I guess I should have saved it?
  10. Well I was sketchy about trying this but I decided to give it a go...I have been using the capsiderm for four days now and I am so impressed! I still have an odd whitehead, but they are tiny... my cheeks are so much smoother and even toned in colour, I can't believe it. I only use it at night before bed and just wash with water in the morning. I will use up the sample and order more if it continues to work like this!
  11. So it's regular bar soap, not liquid right? Wow, it's so cheap, I think I'll have to pick some up!
  12. HA HA HA! Oh you people that think it's gross, lighten up! It's a part of life, get over it... in fact, cum creates life! Maybe it's all those little sperm that work their way into your skin and clean out the pores.. hehe
  13. I like using paper, especially small stickies (just don't use the sticky part on your face).
  14. You must have broken out because you're allergic to something in that brand. I've read articles on a certain chemical put in hair products that are harmful and cause it more. Supposedly the best one with the lowest amount of this chemical is Thermasilk. I use that hairspray and mousse, but I like the Loreal volumizing shampoo and conditioner and it doesn't cause me to break out. Like you hyzenthflay7, Garnier Nutrisse causes it for me too.. right around my hairline.
  15. LOL! This is hilarious.. well I know it keeps my skin nice and smooth where it lands (from my boyfriend, I'm a girl!).. ha ha.. I've heard that it is good for keeping the skin smooth and no, it's not harmful to swallow at all. But I can't believe that there is recipes for cooking with it!!