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  1. E45 its not non comedonic at all, but it is still the one I use when I need it. Oil free ones seem to irritate my skin. surely though you are doing things all wrong if you are stripping your skin until its dry and then adding back the oil. there must be a middle way. I use dove cream wash and no moisturiser most days, then E45 very sparingly on days when i need it. Usually first day skin looks quite good, second day there is a little redness (rosacae type and then I have to stop) but it has to
  2. tried all of the above with no success, then by accident used Dove Cream wash which is designed for hands and I haven't looked back since. It has moisturiser and perfume so it might not be good for some, but it is one of the few products that doesn't strip your skin. I rub the cream neat into my skin and rinse it off so its good for makeup too. Might prove especially good for people with more rosacea like symptoms.
  3. dove cream wash which is designed for hands oily & perfumed but it works
  4. cleanse period! toners are not recommended by dermatologists only use moisturiser when you really need it if your skin is still dry and you have acne your cleanser is too harsh- correct that first.
  5. Dove Cream wash which is designed for hands. I discovered it by accident on holiday -shouldn't work but it does for me (even though it has moisturisers and perfume).
  6. I found taking more protein helped my skin. I eat lots of quorn which is very low fat. Do you take your protein with milk? could be the problem
  7. try dove cream wash designed for hands in place of soap (it has moisturisers and perfume in it but it works for me)
  8. could be signs of rosacea acne which often goes hand in hand with easy flushing often associated with drunks with red noses.
  9. Overwashing is probably one of the biggest causes of ongoing acne. I wash once a day (in the evening when I take my makeup off and I'm clear). Dermatologists usually recommend twice a day but what do they know?) more than that is too much. Also use alot less product when you wash and use mild products (I use Dove cream wash which is designed for hands.)
  10. wear concealer (rimmel) on your skin to even out the skin tone and if you are scared that someone will notice wear eyeliner as well !- girls love alternative guys
  11. sorry just a cleanser suggestion dove cream wash for hands leave toners alone they'll only aggravate your skin. otherwise I have heard that eating more fruit and veg helps to close pores
  12. could you be suffering from rosacea (eventually roscea redness can become permanent because the blood vessels become enlarged.) try controlling diet and moisturiser.