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  1. To anyone who is following: Washing my face with distilled water made a difference in my skin immediately. It hasn't completely cleared up, but the difference in severity was noticeable within 48 hours. Since posting this topic, I've learned that our water tank was set at 125 degrees, which is a perfect temperature for bacteria to grow. I drink tap water from a filtered pitcher, and have since switched to drinking bottled water until I can figure out what to do about a better pitcher, and my
  2. This is really encouraging. Thank you so much.
  3. I've experimented with all of those things. I've done basically every diet thing you can imagine. My acne was practically gone my first two years of undergrad, when I was eating on the lousy meal plan and under the most stress I've ever survived. My roommate is not in school.
  4. So I've had bad acne since high school. I know I'm acne prone anyway, but I've been on a prescription routine for a few months now. I've been breaking out like crazy and my derm said that's normal. I figured I was just still in the purging process. I'm a student so I went home over Easter break and my acne cleared up a ton. Even between when I would wake up and when I would go to bed, my skin would look better. I thought it was just that my prescriptions were finally working (which was probab
  5. What's the difference between that and tretinoin? Because I'm on that already and have been since the beginning of the year.
  6. I have acne on my chest and back too, though. I think that was the reason she gave me an antibiotic. Thanks for the encouragement, though. It does help. I've been on clindamycin before. It helped for a time but it doesn't do anything anymore.
  7. My dermatologist doesn't want me to go on birth control, and honestly I don't want to either. The side effects are worse than acne, in my opinion. Thanks for the suggestion, though.
  8. Hi guys, I've gotten acne since I was a pre-teen. It was sort of bad in high school but I went on the Regimen and for two years in college my skin was clear. My only complaint was dry skin around my mouth in the winter months (most likely caused by BP). I had surgery for endometriosis two summers ago and ever since then, I haven't been able to get a grip on my acne. In December I went to a dermatologist. My current routine is: Morning: -Gentle cleanser -Home made diluted apple cider vin
  9. Are you sure the doxy was giving you mood swings? I've been on doxy for about three weeks and haven't felt any side effects. I'm on the same regimen that you were given but haven't had a ton of improvement. My dermatologist also told me to use a BP wash. I seem to go in waves, where my skin will sort of clear a little bit and then I'll break out again. I will be interested in hearing what other people say.
  10. So I've been using a more intensive moisturizer along with Jojoba oil every night. I've also been using a toner twice a day after washing for the past few weeks. The flakiness is getting worse and even leaving red marks deeper in my skin. Does anyone else have any suggestions?
  11. But that's not really what I asked. What do you do to make it stop? It's really ugly, it hurts. I didn't mean to annoy you, but I really want help.
  12. Hey all, Long story short: I have very oily skin. I started using the Regimen from Acne.org when I was in high school as directed. It cleared my acne for years but made the skin around my mouth and the skin by my eyes peel extremely bad. It was really ugly and stressed me out as much as my acne. My junior year of college, I decided to stop using it because my skin was clearing up. Until then I thought I had combination skin; I didn't realize it was the BP making my skin flake and peel.