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  1. Thank you sir, you are extremely helpful
  2. Very interesting, i will try your recommendations instead. Those are cream treatments i assume, so what do you recommend using for a cleanser before i apply these ? Should i just keep using a gentle cleanser ? Currently use olay sensitive foaming wash.
  3. I was under the impression that BHA washes were not effective because it is not in contact with the skin long enough for it to exfoliate properly ? I have used 2% BHA lotion in the past with no success. Very interesting, that would be why i havent had any success with those. What do you think about the use of chlorhexidine gluconate or povidone-iodine to treat my condition ?
  4. I have not tried calamine lotion, but doesn't it just help with skin irritation ? I'm not sure it would help my condition but its worth a try.
  5. Very interesting, i guess there are many different conditions i could have. I am waiting for my order of Hibiclens to arrive, that will be my next attempt at treating this. After that, i will use your recommendations to see if it is candida or eczema. If none of these work i guess i will have to go back on accutane. I will update this if i have any success, thankyou for your recommendations.
  6. If it was folliculitis wouldnt the head and shoulders or tea tree oil have helped it as they are both antifungal ? I guess I can go back to my derm, however I dont really enjoy being on accutane because of the side effects and my spots always return after my course.
  7. Hey guys, I have been struggling with acne for many years. I have taken 3 courses of accutane, but each time my acne has returned. I have tried everything and I have basically given up. I am starting to think that I dont even have acne and possibly have some sort of other skin condition. My acne does not respond to antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, AHA, BHA, sulfur, tea tree oil etc. I have tried EVERYTHING. Manual exfoliation with a wash cloth, clarisonic as well. I have even tried some less conve
  8. washing your face does not treat acne. even medicated cleaners have been proven not effective as they are washed off. irritation can cause acne, which is why mild cleansers are recommended. i could not imagine using dishwashing soap on your face, it would most likely irritate the crap out of your skin and i dont think i need to explain why thats a bad idea. if thats not that case for you then thats great but dont go recommending it to other people.
  9. first of all ... lol @ claiming to be a derm on an internet message board.
  10. i personally think its not real.... there are too many possible causes and variables with acne so i think its pretty ridiculous when people claim they have found the exact thing that causes acne. if its that simple, then stop masturbating forever. even if you do this, it probably wont even take a month before you break out again. go ahead and try it, you will see that masturbation isnt causing your acne. its just like people with the water only regimen, it catches up to them sooner or later. co
  11. used to have this same problem. i upped my water intake, switched to a less drying cleanser and starting moisturizing at night and it went away. mine was obviously caused by dryness, your problem might by caused by something different but its worth a try.
  12. well, this cant be the first time that you got a cold. so do you notice that the other times you got a cold you usually break out ? if this is the first time, then i would say they arent related. personally i havent noticed any difference when i get sick.
  13. i find that if i use any topicals, washing with water only will not get it off. im usually stuck with a film on my face.
  14. i think you're missing the point. that still IS dan's regimen. the regimen is the actual process, and the great thing about dans regimen is you dont have to use his products if you dont want to.
  15. BP does not bleach whatever it touches. And im pretty sure the only thing that can cause moles is overexposure to sunlight. I really doubt BP can cause moles. I dont know why people come on here and post things like this, all your doing is spreading false information.