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  1. This does sound like what would need to happen.... a tube with a large opening, but with a flip-cap that screws on with a normal (small) sized opening so as to properly control the amount of bp that comes out. I don't know anything about what sort of packaging options there really are readily available though, so I'm not sure how feasible this would be. :) But I'd really encourage you guys to look into it! Also, it really is fantastic that you guys are using the open forum to get product
  2. My thoughts on this are pretty simple - BUYING larger sizes of bp is a very good idea from a cost-effectiveness point of view, i.e. cheaper product per ounce since less packaging is involved. But, USING smaller sizes (and in this case, TUBES rather than pump bottles) makes a lot more sense - easier to dispense the correct amount of bp, and cut open the tube when it nears the end. So the solution to me seems simple - rather than having only pump bottles available, or having giant unwieldy tubes
  3. All right, I am NOT an expert on this "no poo" method by any means. BUT what little I have heard has been that for certain types of hair, using a gentle cheap conditioner ONLY and no shampoo works better than normal shampoo + conditioner. So the hair is still being WASHED but with a conditioner rather than a shampoo. There was a thread on here that explained a lot of this - http://www.acne.org/messageboard/growing-m...ut-t185278.html - sounds like it actually may work pretty well for certain
  4. Hello! I have heard a lot about Monistat Chafing Gel being an amazing "unexpected" primer for underneath makeup. (one interesting review here) Do some of you use this, and if so, how do you like it? In particular, I've started using Everyday Minerals foundation - does anyone know how well it works under mineral makeup? Additionally, I read in one place that it gives you skin a "dewy" finish, and in another place that it's "really matte" - what seems to be true?? I have pretty oily skin,
  5. I use the ring as well (SO wonderful!) and my weight has fluctuated (both directions) in the years since starting it, but I do NOT think those are related... could be, but seems unlikely. It is certainly true that different types of BC affect different people in different ways, so you may need to try a couple different kinds to find the best for you. When I was first on BC I used DepoProvera (the shot that lasts 3 months) which I am quite certain caused some weight gain issues (seems to be pre
  6. All right, I haven't had a real chance to check out my foundation colors in bright natural light as it's been cloudy/rainy outside the past few days. I did check out the color in my car mirror on my way to work (since even cloudy outside light is still brighter than indoor light it seems!) and the Sandy Fair Intensive looks pretty good... I'd definitely like to check it out in brighter light though. I'd also like to try out the matte version, but it does look a LOT lighter in the little jar...
  7. The "hardening effect" would NOT be visible the first day! Definitely don't speed things up, you REALLY have to be patient It's frustrating, I know, but your skin is NOT yet ready for increasing amounts of bp! It will likely be a couple or a few days until you notice any real dryness/flakiness - it is VERY worth it to not "push it" before then - doing so will very likely make the next couple weeks pretty miserable There is NO benefit to "speeding up the process" of getting to a full applic
  8. Hey sunday! I don't know if there is a specific reason for this, but I will tell you that you are NOT crazy (lol) as I noticed the same thing happening when I first started the Regimen. My acne was pretty much in exactly the opposite places as yours... my chin mainly, and my temples, and some bumps on my forehead. When I started the Regimen, I suddenly found acne popping up on my cheeks! Not a lot, but definitely in places that had always been clear. I'm not sure WHY that would happen....