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  1. looking great! hair loss is normal on Accutane, it should grow back fine! you are making such awesome progress...
  2. Splenda is made by tinkering with chlorine molecules. you can't get any more artificial than that.
  3. thats what they've done for me aswell!! I came off them after a month. ←
  4. So my face is clearing up, my old pimples are healing and I am not feeling the tingly itch of the onset of new ones. I used to have small tiny zits all over my face with a few small cysts here and there, blackheads & whiteheads. I firmly believe that my birthcontrol (ortho tri-cyclen lo) did the trick. I think I had purely hormonal acne. I also helped it stay clear by washing my face consistently every night. The only products I use now are: - Cetaphil face wash & moisturizer - Biore s
  5. your skin gets so sensitive from bp, it's possible that tanning is aggravating it. i have a similiar problem, i'm completely broken out from where i applied bp heavily and it's not going away.
  6. i'm not a doctor but that could possibly be a superinfection. have you been using antibiotics or a lot of different acne treatments? you need to get the checked out right away.
  7. i agree, i think there should be a fund set up for you, Paypal based.
  8. i'm sitting here in tears because i feel cysts forming, i've never had cysts before. i examined my neck and i'm getting small zits there, NEVER had neck zits before. my back is broken out, and now my arm is getting some pimples. i don't understand. i graduated high school with a fresh, clear clear face, i hardly got a pimple at all, and now by body is completely ravaged. my face is full of blackheads, enlarged pores, and disgusting red marks all over. i keep crying because i don't know if i want
  9. hey claud! i just wanted to say that i've been reading your journal & you have a very moving story. i was thinking, you should write to Oprah or an organization that can possibly help fund your accutane treatment - there has to be somebody out there willing to help you. i know i would if i had the money. so don't give up, share your story with others, what do you have to lose? as far as your status in the US, i definitely recommend you go to the immigration office and talk to somebody, the