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  1. Unfortunately, yes. 2-3 times a year i take short courses when things get out of control, it's either that or live as a recluse in a closet with suicidal thoughts. I still favor the holistic approach and been diet experimenting for 9 months now. Ive been trying to avoid the nuclear option (accutane) my entire life, im terrified of going that route but perhaps that's all that's left for me. At 35, im hoping and praying that someday my age will catch up and i'll outgrow it all.
  2. Hi, i need to take a short course of doxycycline (7 days) and want to take probiotics to neautralize the effects on good bacteria. Actually, im always on probiotics but im gonna up the dosage. My question is what's the best time to take it, i assume taking them too close to eachother is not ideal. I was thinking taking the doxy before i go to sleep and the probiotic supplements after breakfast. Any advice ? Thank you.
  3. What's the scoop ? have heard it can be a problem. i drink lots of orange juice and lemon in my tea, think ill give it up for a few weeks and see what happens. what other fruits fall into the citrus family, beside oranges and lemon/limes ?
  4. i love sweet potatos !! i wonder why they're called potatos if they have nothing to do with potatos lol
  5. Eggs are the most nutrient packed food on earth. Unless ur allergic, why would you eliminate them ?
  6. I had the same problem, i was skinny to begin with before starting a paleo. I've lost 18 lbs and am now at 160, kind of low for my height (6'2). Been getting comments from friends about the weightloss and a few worried that i've been sick. I've since added organic brown rice to my diet, if you've gotta eat grains rice is the best bet, it's the least inflammatory and contains many nutrients.
  7. eliminating for a month since i've read they are allergenic. potatos, tomatos, peppers. what else ? does that include sweet potatos ? black pepper or just bell peppers ? thanks.
  8. Great, i might add it to my diet. Any other thoughts ?
  9. Not the extra ingredients in carbonated drinks, but is the carbonation itself bad ? Thanks.
  10. A few weeks ago i went on a yogurt binge, ate 4 pounds after not eating dairy for 7 yrs. i wanted to test the theory and see if my body changed at all. Within 24-48 hrs i broke out with at least 12 big cysts and skin overall turned an angry reddish color. Ill never touch milk again, me thinks.
  11. thanks a bunch. Hey are you guys avoiding gluten topically like in shampoos, soap, etc. Can it get absorbed by the skin ?
  12. Help, im trying to find out if gluten is in products like ketchup, barbecue sauce, maple syrup, etc. Just started a gluten-free diet and confused on this issue.
  13. Please tell let me if its safe, im taking Doxy and dont wanna do any damage. thanks !
  14. Never done this before and wanna give it a shot. what are the reputable sites out there ? I did a quick search and found this one. http://www.dr-roller.com/
  15. Why cant cover-up be used after the stitches are off ?
  16. i have a half dozen deep crater scars that havent responded to treatments. ive tried just about everything from needling and tca to laser. nothing has worked, if anything i think ive made them worse. anyway, im lookin at excision now as a last resort. 1. how much does it cost (im sure it varies, but a ballpark figure) 2. when the scar is excised, i understand extra outside of it is taken out-will the resulting line scar be a little longer or like doulbe then the original scar ? 3. can you u
  17. Ok so eggs are not part of dairy-free diet and are 'safe' ? Good.I've been on this diet and cut out eggs unnecessarily then.Glad to know i can start eating them again.I like em alot !
  18. When 1 goes on a dairy-free diet,does that include eggs or just milk products ? Thanks.
  19. Thanks.Any specific type of magnesium or... ?
  20. thanks bryan why 'balance' it with magnesium ? whats the reason.school me cuz i dont get that part.
  21. calcium carbonate or calcium citrate ? i have the carbonate combined with vitamin D for better absorption(or so it says). and is there a connection with taking magnesium along with citrate(absorbs better?)? i did a quick net search but im still confused about it all.can anyone help me ?thanks.
  22. in february i quit all dairy in hopes of improving my acne.although i still have acne it is much less then it was.i am pleased about that. the bad news is i have had bone problems due to calcium defiency.my bones have ached so much at times i can barely walk.as i speak right now,my left knee is killing me.and ohhh my god my pearly whites ! or i should say use to be.my teeth have gone to shit.they used to be so white and healthy.ive had to remove 2 molars cuz the pain was unbearable.they just st