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  1. For those who have seen improvement, could you please determine whether it was gradual or immediate. I've read alot of sentiments regarding swelling after treatment, hence the disappearance of scars, albeit temporary. For some of you however (after a series of treatment) did your scars NOT return after swelling subsided, therefore giving you immediate, positive, conclusive results? Or alternatively, did your scars reappear after swelling subsided each time, only to gradually 'smoothen out' a
  2. I haven't heard of the Palomar Laser - might be worth an enquiry in the Fraxel thread. Who in Melbourne performs this? Sounds interesting. Have you had any Fraxel done at Goodman's before, and if not, what made you opt for his clinic instead of the other - Fraxel 2? I assume the Co2 didn't work out for you in the end, given you're here (please correct me if I'm wrong, and apologies for being so inquisitive ). Just a question regarding Dr. Goodman's patients; at what intervals are/were you being
  3. I was told two-three treatments, full face at $850 per treatment. This time round, I was told the cheeks and temple areas would be targeted specifically, at the advice of the Dr (I had Dr. chan perform it). Despite the research shown earlier, I think two treatments is not enough and one should need three-five at least to gauge any result. I'll stick to three minimum, and see from there. I might even go to Dr. goodmans next time. Inconvenience with appointment times and some other reasons meant I
  4. Can someone explain whether 14 passes on the entire face means 7 passes each side (therefore 14 total) or 14 passes each side. I always understood the latter was always the case - I had my first session recently, but although I was told I'd be treated with 14 passes, it sure didn't feel like I had more than 8 or so passes each side of my face I had treatment at 25 mjs x 125 x 14 (Fraxel SR750). I was hardly swollen afterwards, and into my third day, I'm not noticeably red or peeling much, as I
  5. Bump. I had my first session last Friday at Dr. Skin. I hardly had any swelling afterwards, and into my third day, my face isn't noticeably red and my treated areas hasn't peeled much at all I don't know if this is a good thing or not. Can someone explain whether 14 passes on the entire face means 7 passes each side (therefore 14 total) or 14 passes each side. Supposedly I had treatment at 24 mJs x 125 x 14 passes.
  6. Does anybody know the settings equivalent between Fraxel 1 and 2? For example, at what settings would Fraxel 1 likely be set at to be comparable to Fraxel 2 ... Or isn't it that simple?
  7. Wow, thanks all for the replies! Alot of informative stuff here. Does anyone have before + progressive pics to share and / or updates of their progress?
  8. Thanks to those who replied to my questions. Another query to ease my mind: is it ok to get subsequent Fraxel treatment (whether it's the second, third, fourth, whatever) more than the recommended 2 weeks to 1 month, and if not, why? Cheers.
  9. Any updates? I had to re-schedule both appointments until mid June. I now understand the Medicare rebate applies regardless of clinic, still, any further thoughts/information regarding these two doctors (and their practice) would be fantastic.
  10. While I'm here (and forgive my ignorance, and impatience to search/read through this thread to get answers!), is there anything one must take orally/topically - post-fraxel - to help induce collagen production. Cheers.
  11. Can anyone explain whether 'passing' the laser each time should be done slowly or quickly, to achieve good technique?
  12. If you don't mind me asking, is there a Medicare rebate? And if so, how much? I'm consulting with these two places within the next month, merely based on reputation, hence my topic. The expense worries me more than anything - the most competitive price from these two, may be the deal clincher.
  13. Thoughts/opinions/expense/experiences?