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  1. just make sure you extract it when its ready and not force it out.. those comedone extractors works better than fingers in my opinion.. i still think its pointless to extract them unless your using something for a preventative... or your just going to be constantly extracting them.
  2. stop making these idiotic topics.. your a complete moron.. reading your topics makes me laugh.. and im sure other people would agree.
  3. theres nothing wrong with your skin stop complaining.. seriously.. wow little tiny blackheads.. mine r bigger than that and im not complaining.. all you do is piss people off who actually have skin problems.
  4. i think it would be better to extract the blackheads with a tool.. thats what i do.. pore strips only get some of it.. ive been using green cream for about 7 weeks i think and its finally starting to help my blackheads.. i have noticed that most arent coming back after ive extracted them lately.. ill have to wait a week or two before my final judgement on it
  5. your blackhead doesnt just fall out and your pores dont close.. ive had blackheads for 8 years and they sure as hell dont fall out.. where are you getting this theory that blackheads will just stop forming after 2 years.. it doesnt work like that.
  6. i read that retinoids make spider veins less noticable because they thicken the skin.
  7. you dont have that many blackheads
  8. i had one of those and they do nothing.. i threw mine out
  9. i use this and it works pretty well on my forehead and on my cheeks.. i find it hard to use on my nose though.
  10. salicylic acid works pretty good at preventing new clogged pores for me.. you need to use a good one though.. i use paula's choice.
  11. there probably expression lines.. some people have lines around their mouth whenever they talk and eventually it becomes permanent.. im only 17 and i have a line or two on my forehead and i see a ton of people my age with them.. if you make an expression too much, eventually it will turn into a line.. obviously it isnt from dryness if you still have them and moisturizering does nothing.. wrinkles arent always caused by aging.
  12. ive been using paula's choice 2% bha liquid and its probably the best thing ive used.. it really helps prevent clogged pores which i have a big problem with.. im not sure how it works on inflammed acne since i dont have very much of it.
  13. i eat a lot of those and have no problems.. most of you are just paranoid and looking to blame your acne on anything you can
  14. is it really worth looking temporarily better and than looking like shit when your older.. if you realy care that much about a tan.. get a self tanner.. id rather use one of those than completely damage my skin from being an idiot and tanning every week.. people seem to think just becuz they dont see the damage right away, it wont come.