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  1. what if its tazorac???....do i put it first, then use moisterizer???!!!!
  2. i got a question...do i miosturize first than put my medication? or do i put my medication then moisturize??....i been moisturizing first for a couple of week to my skin smooth and not overdrying,,so what should i do???
  3. yo im goin on a vaction in a month a month and i need yall help...do you think my vacation will mess up my regimen?? i gonna be sweating everytime should i wash my face more than 2 time a day?my face will get oily very oily, should i keep on takin my monicycline pills//tazorac at night..sunscreen day??..i need some advice this is gonna be a hot very hot fun trip..and i dont want to stress bou acne, so help me..??
  4. wassup yall its ya boy acknee in da hood!! i found this new moisturizer that has vitamin e, spf 15, and oil free....i use it with the bp and it seem to be working, foreal..its removing my dark skin mark thing, and the bp clearing my ance, its made by LOREAL...tell me what ya think bout his aite.....peace
  5. wassup yall, im new to this joint....im probly the first kid from the block to be in this thing..any wayz...i need help, my acne is so damm bad..i use to be a pimp now my acne is all over my face, i aint want to go out any more, so thats why im online..do you think tazorac & vitamin e oil will work for me...well im dark skin but if u get up close u can see my acne problem..yeah i been to the damn derm. probly they didnt prescribe any thing good cuz im color.....i got minocycline pills to tak