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  1. One gram (1000mg) of any fat is about 9 calories, so you can't really say that fish oil isn't high in fat
  2. OOOH OOOH! You know what you should try, too? Skin cancer!
  3. Fish Oil > Flax Oil for general health. Far better. No clue about absorption.
  4. Why on earth have you been taking an oral antibiotic for 4 years, even off and on? That's just crazy.
  5. Actually, you're incorrect. Aquafor is a petrolatum product; not petroluem like Vasline. That is why Vaseline is drying and Aquafor is not. It's also the reason that Aquafor is dermatologist recommended. Petrolatum=petroleum BASED, like I said. Still a terrible idea for moisturization. Derm recommendations are to be taken with a grain of salt because of kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies. Ever wonder why derms have so many samples of aquaphor, triaz, etc?
  6. Note: that is utter horseshit. Why you would want to poison your body for years is out of my ability to comprehend.. You do know accutane slows down your skins' healing ability, it overloads your liver, it fucks your hair cycles, creates bone disease... If you keep shoving this poison in yourself, your liver will eventually get fucked up. Its like those alcoholics who have been drinking for 30 years or somethin and their liver just fuckin dies and they hafta get a transplant. Then they g
  7. Look, there's no reason ANYONE should be a lip balm addict unless you are on some kind of medication like accutane in the first place. My hunch is that you are using petroleum-based or other harsh lip balms that, as another poster already suggested, only make the problem worse. Vaseline and/or Aquaphor are terrible ideas for moisturizer, period. What you should do is get a quality lipbalm, which might mean you have to shell out a bit more money. Burt's Bees makes a somewhat decent one for cheap,
  8. A zinc deficiency leads to low testosterone. Zinc supplementation in those with deficiencies will boost testosterone to normal levels, causing an increase in acne. Excessive supplementation WON'T boost T levels above normal, and so should have a beneficial effect on acne. Whether this is enough to counter the increase in testosterone is a matter of individual variance.
  9. I believe you have me misunderstood. I am not at all arguing that sebum's role in the immune response is NOT implicated in acne. On the contrary, in fact. However, acne is not the only condition to consider when it comes to immune response. The physical barrier to infection provided by physical characteristics of the skin--sebum, keratin, etc.. is invaluable in preventing infection by much more noxious pathogens. I do agree that without sebum we would have no acne. However, without sebum, it
  10. I have actually read the opposite, that animals do not get acne. Can you give an example of an animal (besides human) that gets acne? This is why acne is so strange. Take chimpanzees, who share 98% of their DNA with humans, and they don't get acne. You would think acne would be included in this percentage, not to mention that they are covered in hair follicles, in which acne starts. Pigs, to state the obvious.
  11. I am very familiar with both of the companys that produces sesamin, having posted on the Avant Labs forums for a long time. Not only are they not in the market for acne treatment, but they are also very forthright in their business dealings. They certainly would not pay a shill to promote their product on a totally unrelated forum. In fact, they barely market through legitamate means, let alone using guerilla tactics. All that said, I don't think that they are infallible, but I can say with cert
  12. What brand Are you sure your not using sesame oil Yes. Sesamin. Avant Labs and/or Scivation.
  13. I've been using Sesamin on and off for a year or two, with no luck.
  14. The term "inflammatory" has a negative connotation for god knows what reason. Cytokines, inflammatory and otherwise, are aboslutely vital to the immune response. Without inflammatory cytokines, innate immunity would be as good as useless. The skin is a barrier against infection, and sebocytes and sebum play an integral role in this barrier, as the abstracts I provide (and my immunology textbook) suggest. That overproduction of sebum is also a major contributing factor in the formation of acne is
  15. Actually, the first study merely sets up the next ones. Did you ignore this also in the second study? "Recent results indicate that keratinocytes and sebocyte... may act as immune cells... and through CD1 molecules may recognize altered lipid content in sebum, followed by the production of inflammatory cytokines." That's some pretty direct proof that sebum has immune function. Your argument that sebum has no other purpose but to feed acne bacteria is utterly unfounded and ignores pretty much al