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  1. Hey, I am glad your better now:) So you use baking soda or powder for your hair shampoo? I never tried that. Does it help with dandruff? I have severe dandruff. I haven't found a shampoo that is good for my scalp and hair. I was thinking of making my own.. I was wondering why you put those oils under your eyes? any particular reason? I might actually try the lemon juice cleanser! I want to go natural and drop my current cleanser. Oooh hahah the oils are totally a girly thing... or an anti-aging
  2. OMG I LOVE the anti-aging one.... I've got to use that. I used to have SO many issues with explaining to people why I eat the way I do. Over the years however I've gotten more confident, and I've also gained a few friends who are celiac and eat a lot like I do. It's nice to go out with them and not be the only one asking for the "special meal" at the restaurant. I also find if I'm VERY polite and I just tell people "oh man, that was SO nice of you to offer to make me dinner, but I have to warn
  3. OMG that sucks!! Sorry to hear that ... I had similar experiences with other hormonal supplements that I tried. Yes I think you kind of have to "diagnose" what your homrone problem is before you take anythin. I needed help balancing both estrogen and progestrone so that's why I took both Evening Primrose and Vitex. I find if I miss a does of VItex I start to breakout around my mouth and jawline. If I ever get pregnant... it will be interesting to see what will happen with my skin... because I'll
  4. Very great post and alot of useful information but hey what did you take for the colon cleanse? Hahaha OMG that was SO many years ago. I forget what the company was called, I ordered the colon cleansing kit online and I followed a strict diet. I remember having to go number 2 A LOT lol. I think it was called Colonics or something like that. I also did parasite cleanses.... they make you feel weird too. But I like to do a parasite cleanse once a year, just in case haha! I forgot to add in my lis
  5. I haven't been on here in SOOOOO long, but I've been a member since 2005... I wanted to come back and tell a short version of my story and where I am now. I feel like I will will help a lot of people save time and money trying to find natural things that actually work. I started off using Dan's regimen with the BP, but I suffered with very dry skin and it actually damaged my skin, I started getting wrinkles at the age of 19 (I'm 26 now). I know the regimen works for some people and I dont wan
  6. I love Tarte :). I use their mascara, wonderful product. I had been looking for a natural mascara that didnt burn my eyes and they were it! I love their products, I have never tried the foundation though, sounds interesting! I love all natural so I may have to go buy this stuff.
  7. I cook with coconut oil or butter or grapeseed oil.... I try not to cook with grapeseed oil but my boyfriend loves it. I also found that taking spoonfuls of coconut oil with meals moisturized my skin from the inside, dont need much moisturizer. Might change in the winter though.
  8. Good to know... yes I think getting therapy may be the key... or possibly just trying to slow my lif down a little. I have to figure out how to learn to not be stressed lol... seems impossible. LOL thinking about not thinking about acne! Ahhh! So bad! Yeah I thought there was no connection too. But I started to see that my friend broke out during stressful times and I thought wow... stress takes a tole on the skin!! Thank-you for the compliment so sweet of you. im glad so
  9. have you considered psychotherapy? have you ever tried seeing how far you could get acne OFF your mind? even IF you are breaking out? this is merely an hypothesis, but by the very nature of the mind, being very aware of your acne and the possible social anxiety scenarios that you keep in your mind, could just add to having anxiety and stress, which could be the very cause of acne itself. how you percieve your acne and its meaning to your own survival, could be triggering more anxiety, theref
  10. Wow.... well if you have been here for a while you probably know me... I've posted lots of stuff in this section. And I've been trying to clear my acne with diet for the past 5 years.... I'm sooooooooooooo tired... today I feel sad and ugly and defeated. 5 long years of dieting, cleanses (4 months on a hard core candida cleanse and lots of others), gluten intolerance testing (colonoscopies.... blood tests... the works), cutting food out, bringing it back in.... Excercises, yoga, naturopathis do
  11. I drank for the first time in like two years on Saturday night, all I had was Grey Goose Vodka and water with a lime squeezed in it. I LOVE GREY GOOSE. Friggen expensive but it was so good.... I still felt like death the next day but I'm sure it's because I hadnt drank in years lol....But yeah who knows what it will do to my skin. We'll see I guess... in a week's time what my skin does. But yeah I dont think I'd dare try red wine.... last time I drank it I feel like it gave me a candida infectio
  12. Hah I'm glad you have the attitude of a clear skinned person, that's the right one to have . First off, I feel the EXACT same way. I don't physically hide from people though, I am just usually very timid and I'm sure they can sense the insecurty behind it. My acne is ruining every bit of happiness, every good aspect of my life. I can't enjoy the Ups like the average person would. I feel like I have a mental disorder sometimes. Actually, I know I sort of borderline OCD and when you sai
  13. Sorry for the horrible spelling! I was typing really fast! I'm just at work hahah! Sorry!
  14. My regimen now is very minimal, I stopped using too many things on my skin. I now use an ACV rinse as a face wash and I use Thayers organic moisturizing toner in the day time as a moisturizer and at night I use nothing. It's very minimal... my skin seems like like me better for it hahah. Glad your skin isnt freakin out anymore . HAHA.... yeeeeahhhh that was at a "clear" point in my acne life. I maybe had like two or three zits at that time and I had lots of red spots but makeup real
  15. Yeah I've been to a alot of derms... doctors, naturopathic docs, homeopathic docs.... I'm not new to this. I wont go to a derm again. They dont believe that internal issues besides hormones can cause acne. Dairy makes me break out and the dermatoligist refused to believe me. That was the end of that!! I'm all natural, I dont put any chemicals on my face or in my body, I've had some horrific experiences because of it (BP caused some serious issues for my skin and I went through a long depression