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    whyme, you showed me the light my brother.
  1. was on tane for 6 months, 40mg for the first 2 60 for the next 4...been completely clear for 4 months now with no skincare regime and many many heavy night out on the town. there is light at the end of the tunnel, hold your head high and keep on keeping on.
  2. I got off the tane about 11 day ago whilst on the tane i wasn't getting any spots at all but since i've got off i've had about 4...there very tiny and don't come to a head but does this mean its returning?
  3. sure do, love charlie parker especially. Thats not strictly true, yes early punk like the ramones was mid 70's but the clashes "london calling" was released in the UK on december 14th 1979 and is filled with anti privatisation and ant thatcherite feeling. The whole punk movement was about sticking two fingers up to the establishment and giving the young working class a voice. I dunno about you but i think thats fucking cool!
  4. well give them a medal they can play there instruments still i agree with you on jazz, i'm the only person of my age i know who really listens to jazz. I'm a member at ronnie scotts
  5. lacuna coil, Sepultura, Testament, Iced Earth, Overkill, DragonForce, Nightwish.... self indulgent bollocks one and all, they should go get a job or have a wank anything to stop them from inflicting there "music" on the world.
  6. real life is what its all about not some wanker getting a free therapy session and packaging it as music. The punk movement came out of the poor working class who felt completely ignored, worthless and alienated in thatchers britain. It had strong ideals, strong roots and something to say.
  7. punk is great, the clash, the dead kennedies, the libs(yes i do rate the libertines that highly) metal can go fuck off...prentious middle class wankers making shit music about how bloody hard there life is. Its a masterclass in self indulgence.
  8. As brilliant as this may seem, it's pretty obvious that you've come up with this whole thing post-response. It's not like you acted out some psychological experiment here, you just posted a pic and then let the replies flow. Now you decide to pass it off as some sociological breakthrough. Pfft.... I hardly think hes claiming to have made a sociological breakthrough :rolleyes:, however it is quite interested the way in which we temper our responses to peoples appearance depending on how
  9. troo!! only the famous ones tho! danny dyer is a legend! :clap: :lol2: YES!!!! danny dyer is amazing!!! :D human traffic = the best film of the 90's! for those of you who are unfamiliar... Lol, my brotha from anotha motha has hidden depth! :D