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  1. hey i have a quick question. does anyone think/know if estroven (its over the counter, for menopause) would help clear acne? would it work sort of like birth control without the prescription? im only 19 but i dont see how it coud hurt?? any ideas??? thanks so much
  2. ps. the "rashy" parts of my face are itchy too........dry skin???
  3. Hey, I would've posted a reply under Jessica's post that has like 11 billion response pages but I figured it mihgt get lost in the shuffle. I need some advice. I popped this big zit and ended up getting a nasty red/open staph infection on my face. so I went to the doctor and got some oral antibiotics. In the meantime, I've also been taking acne-vitamin supplements and healthy doses of fish oil (o-mega 3's). ALSO I have a cleanser called "MyChelle Cranberry Cleanser" and a face peel called "MyC
  4. okay so PLEAse someone tell me once and for all... is coconut oil (organic?) bad or good or okay for your skin!!! two skincare professionals said it was fine many websites say it is fine a couple websites say it is hell for acne i dont know who or what to believe!!! ive been using an all natural facial wash taht has coconut oil for like 2 weeks and im starting to break out...but there are other factors (like coming off of retin a and summer/heat/humidity) plus isnt two weeks too short to notice
  5. Hi all, I've had persistent cystic acne for about 5/6 years now...I've tried literally EVERYTHING...Retin A, Retin A Micro, allllll OTC washes creams etc, I saw a derm, even saw a skin care woman who gives massages and facials and started a program of Obagi products.....everything worked for maybe a month or so but usually about 5 months down the line or more something would go wrong....now I'm onto the health angle (i figure even if it doesnt work I'm healthier for it! haha) anyways I am takin
  6. http://www.obagi.com/index.html go to that site, i went to a skin care specialist (as opposed to a dermatologist) and let me say, skin care specialists are so much more helpful. they listen to the emotional stuff behind the face, and dont just write you off with a prescription and never talk to you again...this lady sat with me for 2 hours. she gave me a partial facial, and then told me that i should try this system along iwth a couple of full deep pore facials, adn thtat it would tremendously
  7. its painful too...and when they pop and leak, its just gross. i mean really, who wants to kiss someone with a leaky face:-P?
  8. do not use the two of them together. it says on the website that use of benzoyl peroxide neutralizes the effects of retin-a...
  9. hey guys, on like....week 5 or 6 (since sept 28th) of retin-a-micro...and my face is just breaking out everywhere and just...it seems so gross and so not like what it should look like on a prescription med, know what i mean? anyone out there have any stories about this stuff? is it really all its cracked up to be? should i keep using it? am i just not far enough into it to see real results? are the results worth it? are they good? help please! manymoremoons
  10. hey i started my retin-a-micro (read: NOT retin-a, but retin-a-micro) on Sept. 28th. Its now Nov. 5th and my skin looks about as bad as I think its going to get on this stuff (I hope). Any success stories out there about this product? Does anyone think I'd be better off using something different? Any suggestions? This stuff seems to be working, but its hard to tell if it'll ever get better. I'm on the .01% by the way. Thanks. Feeling depressed and out of luck ManyMoreMoons
  11. once i heard that acid reflux is actually caused by a lack of acids in the stomach, and that a spoonful of vinegar would help it. that pepcid and all those other acid removers only made the problem come back at a later date (helping to keep those companies in business) skin dries out and then makes oils to help moisturize it. putting benzoyl peroxide on your face, drying it out like crazy, and then expecting your face to clear up seems like a waste of energy to me. i havent been using anything
  12. just wondering if its going to be a problem... stories?
  13. hey again, i have been hearig about people getting cortizone shots from the dermatologist to get rid of cysts. i have two currently (one of them about 5 months old) and frankly, im reading to be done with them. trouble is, im not too goo around needles and dont want a shot in the face (owie!). so here is the deal: is hydrocoritzone cream (topical) good at getting rid of acne/cysts??? ive heard they help with swelling, but do they actually get rid of it? thanks for the help! manymoremoons
  14. im sorry to hear the news. sometimes i swear i think if we all jsut stopped using medications we would be so much better of. it seems like the more one puts on his/her face the more he/she has troubles (breakouts, dry skin, redness, flaking, irritation, reactions, etc). also, you are definitely right, im sure we only hear the bad news on the net, i mean, who would come to an acne site if their face completely cleared up, right? they dont need it anymore. hmmmmm. on the flip side, ive heard a b
  15. definitely not redness. in fact, my skin hardly stung while using it (l'oreal's renoviste anti-aging glycolic peel). cant post a pic but it is definitely all over acne breakout, sore, pussy, i wont gross anyone out with the details, but yeah. its only a 10% peel too.
  16. hey ya'll, i used a glycolic peel a little while back...and im starting to wonder if thats the reason ive suddenly broken out so horribly. ive always had mild acne, but this week- two weeks into the reg- i broke out like ive NEVER broken out before...i mean...everywhere. everywher, that is, where the glycolic peel has touched. and im starting to wonder, for a person who never breaks out on their temples, nose, and for the most part, forehead, why would it sudenelty start going crazy now? has an
  17. :'( !!! just a bit back i was writing here to say how awesome the reg was workin for me. now,today, my face is COVERED in zits! like, worse than ive probably ever gotten! (at least in a long while) what happened!? :'( im going to the beach tomorrow to try and see if maybe a little sun will dry them up and help with the scars...im so sad.
  18. dude, i use the same thing. a SA mouisterizer (clean and clear) over my jsut dried bp. SO EXCELLENT its amazing does wonders
  19. hey guys, i just ran out of my bp cream and boy am i sorry! i had to get neutrogenas on the spot acne stuff and it stinks. leaves white stuff all over my face! try the cvs brand that is IDENTICAL to neutrogena (even says on the package "compare to neutrogena")and its AMAZING i wear it during the day , under makeup, without makeup, it just completely absorbs into my face )))) LOVE IT -manymoremoons
  20. i used the L'Oreal renoviste glycoilic peel today (after i stopped using the BP for 24 hours, as the box says)...and well, for one thing, it didnt seem to do much of anything (im trying to get rid of my scars)... has anyone tried this while on the BP routine? also, does anyone have any successstories? am i just jumping the gun or is it supposed to really help after the first time? thanks
  21. that brings up a question. what do i do about dead skin on my face thats already mostly peeled away? its already dead so should i somehow be peeling/removing it? so the bp can work on the good skin? ←
  22. hey guys im new to posting but certainly not new to reading. im 18 and have had acne for a few years now ...granted, its not bad, and its only on my face. ive only had 3 cysts and, in general, anything i have can be covered with makeup. but to be honest, there are times when my acne does get really horrendous. like when my entire chin is covered in whiteheads and my nose is filled with blackheads and i have big ugly RED pimples on my cheek. ick. especially when trying to deal with the highschoo