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  1. I was using Earth Therapeutics loofah scrub which was probably too harsh, but this tea tree one is totally different, it is really gentle. I don't really know if one of these products is the key or if just being on some sort of daily regimen is it, but I am the clearest I have been in years. I am still clearing up from the breakout around my chin but it is a noticeable difference. I've never cleared up so quickly after a really really bad breakout before.
  2. I don't understand some of the people on this board. I have posted up something that has truly worked for me and I don't get so much as one reply on my post. I know that there are plenty of people out there that are looking for something to help them out. That was my only purpose of taking some time out to put the info up here.
  3. Pulled from this article : http://health.msn.com/guides/coldandflu/ar...p;wa=wsignin1.0 On prevention of super bugs that kill 70,000 Americans per year. "Prevent It Don't badger your doctor for unnecessary antibiotics. Remember: Antibiotics don't work against viral infections such as colds or flus. Ask about alternatives if your doctor suggests long-term antibiotics for a chronic bacterial infection such as acne. (Try remedies like benzoyl peroxide cream instead.) Avoid broad-spectrum anti
  4. I went to Sephora the other day after getting one of the worst breakouts I have had in a while. I had several nodules around my chin area and was just broken out all over. I really did not have a regimen other than cleansing my face everday with this scrub that I got from Whole Foods and I was using Cliniques oil-free tinted moisturizer during the day in place of makeup. I have very stubborn acne and I have very rarely ever had a clear face with no breakout at all. I started talking with the lad
  5. Read this. Interesting. http://www.notmilk.com/gotzits.txt
  6. I read this article and thought I would post it up. http://www.absoluteacneinfo.com/healthy-acne-sufferers.html
  7. I had the cooltouch (I think it is similar to smoothbeam) laser done once a month for a year. I agree that it does nothing to clear up acne. It like the other lasers that resurface have settings. I told my derm that I wanted to increase the settings on the areas where I had scarring. When she turned up the setting and did it on my scarring, I peeled pretty good over the next few days so I think that the cooltouch and smooth beam can be similar to the other lasers when the settings are increased.
  8. I just went in for a consultation for microlaser today. I asked a lot of questions about the procedure. I even mentioned that several people are claiming that lasers have made their scars look worse or even more noticable and this is what she explained to me. When you have a laser procedure done it takes off the top layers of your skin. When the top layers are taken off of acne scars they are wider underneath those layers thus looking bigger and more noticable. The best thing to do in some cases
  9. I ran across this website just surfing the internet for something new to try. I ordered the purifying cleanser: "A medicated emulsifying facial wash to help control excess oil, while lathering away sebum and blemish causing bacteria. Reduces acne and oil without drying the skin. Antiseptic camphor promotes a clear healthy complexion while actively managing acne from returning" the oil control toner: "Balance the production of excess oil while maintaining the positive effects of an oil-rich ski