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  1. how do you guys take these vitamins? topically or internally?
  2. iceboi, how did you use vitamin E? did you apply it topically on your scars? or take it internally? also, does anybody else think vitamin E applied topically on red marks will help them fade? has anyone seen results with this?
  3. I have red marks and I was wondering what you all thought of the brand Eucerin. It says "Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy. Plus Intensive Repair Lotion. With Alpha Hydroxy top exfoliate very dry, flaky skin. Extra moisturization to smooth and soften, non greasy, fast absorbing" it is also non-irritating and non comedogenic. is this a good AHA and is it ok if i use this during the day and retin a during the night?
  4. I was just wondering... what exactly is acne scarring? is it just pits? or can scarring also be in the form of red spots?
  5. Thank you very much. what does "sluff off" mean?
  6. Hi! I am new here and have a few questions about the regimen. I can't seem to find a gel version of BP. However, I have found a cream version of it. But now, I want to try the gel version of it? Is the gel version something I have to order online or can I find it at my local drugstore? Also, is there another reason that makes the 2.5% BP better than the 5% or 10% other than overdrying? Lastly, I don't know if a description will really work here, but my acne is red spots on my cheeks. and jus