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  1. I've never posted on these forums, but I've lurked for a long time. There's a lot of silly threads out there, but I was glad to have a place where people could post and share their experiences with acne with a supportive community. RatherBeSkating's threads about doses of Vitamin A and Accutane do not violate the board rules, but were closed anyway. Really? Mods, really? You'll let some people post some of the idiodic things they do, but someone who acknowledges the risks they're posing to t
  2. After spending an hour in the bathroom trying to get the flakey, crusty spots on my chin to look at least somewhat less lame, I finally gave up. I thought I had it okay. Til I looked in my rear-view mirror and decided, "that's it, I'm calling in sick." Of course, now I feel super guilty!
  3. Raw egg whites contain a compound called avidin, which binds very strongly to biotin, an essential nutrient for your body. People who eat raw eggs without further supplementation are at a risk for biotin deficiency. Incidentally, egg yolks contain one of the highest sources of biotin. So if you aren't cooking your eggs and inactivating the avidin, you're negating one of your best sources of this nutrient. Furthermore, I implore those who say raw or lightly cooked eggs are better and contain mor