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  1. hey ive been on the regimen for about a year, ive been really clean up until now. i just broke out on my right cheek and i got a pimple in between my eyebrows. there are three pimples on my right cheek, and they seem to be cysts because there are no white heads forming after 2 days? anyone no a reason to this and how long it will take to go away? blah
  2. ive been on the regimen for nearly a year... i am totally clear. and now i'm thinking about stopping as of now im doing the regimen like this cleans, bp, moisturize in the morning and at night cleans and bp im also doing the full two fingers of bp. now.. heres what im thinking, i want to cut the whole day appication out, no moisturizing, cleansing, or bp application whatsoever... i only want apply bp at night now.. do you guys think this will work now that ive been on the regimen
  3. VERY good and informative post! i think this should be stickied =D> i do have a question though. i've been on this regimen since july.. i am clear but i do have a problem. my skin tends to be VERY dry and very flaky. does your skin tend to flake up f49? or is it non flaky clear? like so non flaky you dont need moisturizer? i think it is the cleanser im using (purpose bar).. im going to use your advice tommorow morning and not use too much lather. as for now cheers and good post /
  4. i've been on the regiment since mid july and i just started to clear up 2-3 wks ago.. just give it lots of time. everyone is different with this regimen
  5. okay im clear but i keep getting those small bumps that take a few days to form into a super whitehead, like 1cm in diameter. (well not that big, a bit smaller but its still huge). one day when washing my face ill feel a small bump that is barely noticable, then it turns to a redspot the next day, then even bigger redspot the next morning then rises to the surface as a huge whitehead. i just got over one, now im starting to feel another one. i do know why im getting them though. i keep missing a
  6. its been about 3 months since i started dans regimen but im finally clear. i've had my doubts here and there, but i stuck with it. i've been clear for about 1 or 2 weeks. the only thing left is the red/purple spots left behind from the healing pimples. how long will it takes before the spots to disappear?
  7. we are also the only living things on this earth to use microwaves to cook our tv dinners
  8. missing an application can lead to a load of hell ](*,)
  9. it just bleached a little strand, ill be all right i get bp in my eyebrows alot, and they still have blached yet. i guess itvaries from pesron to person.
  10. morning: get in shower, wash face with purpose cleansing bar "gently" last. get out, get dressed wait 15 mins, then apply two fingers of bp (neutrogina on the spot 2.5%) i wait 15 more then apply clearasil total control all day mattifying moisturizer night: take a shower if have time, if not. i rinse face then warm water, the cleanse with the purpose bar. i pat dry gently then wait 15 mins. i apply neutrogena on the spot 2.5 bp (2 fingers)then go to bed
  11. ive been on this regiment for about 2 months and my acne has gotten even worse. right now im in the middle of a big breakout and ive done everything right with this regimen. applyed "gentle" amounts of bp, washed with purpose cleansing bar "gently", and applied noncomo whatever mostiurizer.. grr this regimen sucks!!!!!!
  12. hello i had another log of me just trying this one product.. no it did not work i should have listend to abby. man im stupid anyways i've been on dans regimen for like 3 weeks to a month right now ill get some pictures up here in the morning.
  13. holy shit man if number one was done to me id like break down and cry or something. i couldn't take that kind of humiliation yes i am that weak
  14. DAY11 my left side is clear of acne now! except for the purple healing things my rightside is clearing also but there is still a couple of pimples. i broke out the otherday due to missing two regimens and excessive touching the pimples, heh. i had to stay over at my friends for the holiday. ill update friday, see ya guys then.
  15. hey again, i think im gonna start posting results in incriments of 5 days instead of every other day. here is results of 5 days of starting the clear pore thing: guys, i know about dan's regimen. i just wanted to try this thing out because it seems less of a hassle for me. if it doesnt give satisfying results by mid july then ill go to dan's regimen! k! bye