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  1. there's a chick on the Australian Vogue magazine forum who supplies people in Aus with QH's Mint Julep mask....apparently her friend ships it over to her from the US... I haven't ordered it from her though ( my sister brought it back for me after a trip to the USA) so I don't know how reliable she is but i suppose you just have to ask the people on the forum who have ordered it from her.
  2. Well I've been using Oxy Cleansing Wipes -maximum for about 2 months now ever since my sister brought them back from America, and I am sure that they have helped me become and stay clear (They contain 2% salicyclic acid) however I'm almost and the end of my pack and need to find some more...has anyone seen them anywhere in Australia? Otherwise does anyone know of any other OTC 2% salicyclic or BHA lotions that are available in Australia...I know about Paula's Choice but with p/h and everythin
  3. Does anyone know if /where Oxy Cleansing pads are Available in Australia. My sister brought me some back from the US and I think they've really helped clear up my acne...they contain 2% Salicyclic acid Or does anyone know where I can get a good 2% salicyclic acid lotion of 2% BHA lotion? THanks
  4. 21 yr old Female I am continuing to see an improvement in my acne each week and am hopefull that soon I might be totally clear With the exception of Diane (BCP) everything I use is over the counter = total of 7 topicals and 8 meds/supplements TOPICALS Morning -Wash with Burts Bees Wild Lettuce Soap -Apply Clean and Clear Extra Strength Gel ( 2.5% BHA) -Apply Oxy 5% BP -Swab Forehead with Tea Tree Oil ( I don't apply BP here cause don't get pimples just tiny white bumps)
  5. :-k I have heard that Lolette can be better than Diane 35 at treating acne in women. It contains one third less oestrogen but that's about all I know. I have been on Diane for over 3 years now and think that its effectiveness is wearing off and would be interested in trying Loette if others have had good results on it. Any info ie. goodresults, breakouts, side effects... would be greatly appreciated
  6. I know this has been gone over in the FAQ post but I'm still a little unclear. I i know what a Rolling scar is but what is the difference between; an icepick and a pock? an icepick and a boxcar? a pock and a boxcar? My derm said that I was starting to get pocks are these the same as icepicks? Does anyone know of anywhere I can see some picks of the different types of scars? Thanks
  7. I use Burts Bees wild lettuce complexion bar Usually I don' have good results with bar soaps but this one makes my face nice and smooth and helps cut down the number of pimples I get
  8. Well so far so good. I've been using the Healthy Skin Lotion for a little over two weeks now and have noticed a reduction in the redness of my marks and improved skin tone overall. It's a bit hard to say how much the redness has improved but it now it definatley takes less foundation for my face to look respectable, whereas before it took repeated applications to suficiently cover my red marks. However, it seems to have made my pic scars more noticeable I don't know if it's because now th
  9. I just saw this on the news. A new BCP called Lolette has been released in Australia and it's meant to be better than Diane for the treatment of hormonal acne in women and also have less side effects. I have been on Diane for 3 years now and think that it is becoming less effective than it was when i initially went on it...so I"m interested in trying this but I want to know what exactly makes it different from Diane. Any info would be great 8-[
  10. Does anyone know if there are any stores or aussie based websites that stock this stuff cause it's meant to be the best?
  11. Does anyone know what stores (if any) stock Mineral Makeup in Australia? Or if there are any Australian based websites you can order it from? Thanks
  12. It's claimed that Mineral Makeup is meant to be especially good for people who suffer with acne, and other skin conditions and those who have undergone laser treatment. Has anyone tried it?
  13. 1) Burts Bees Wild Lettuce Complexion Bar - a little drying at first but my skin has adjusted to it 2) never used Differin, used Retin A (in liquid form) for about 2-3 months about 2 years ago, from what I can remember it was overly drying and the results weren't worth the cost
  14. Well so far I really like the Healthy Skin Lotion I only use one pump all over my face (except my forehead...it doesn't need it) I think it's helping to dry up my pimples but doesn't dry out my face. As for the red marks well no real improvement so far but I have only used it three times so I'm still hopeful [-o<
  15. Hi, thanks for the feedback everyone . I posted this topic on another acne-board and the majority of people there had the same complaints about the Multi-vitamin lotion and said that the Healthy Skin lotion wasn't sticky, didn't leave an oily pinkish residue like the M-V and was a lot faster in clearing up the red marks I'm going to start using the Healthy Skin Lotion tonight I'll let u know if it works Thanks again