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  1. Hey all, I thought it was about time that I come back from my 4 year hiatus and share what has worked for me over years and years of trial and error; but first, a little history. I joined this community back in 2005 in a desperate bid to get my acne under control. Like any newbie, I started out in the general forums and would guinea pig OTC products under the assumption that acne could be cured through topical means. I tried all the big brand names like Proactiv and Neutrogena. I tried f
  2. Yes, apples have a high fructose content, but it's 'natural' fructose; combine that with the fiber present in the skin, and you have a case of slow conversion -- perfect for people worried about blood sugar (i.e. people with diabetes, acne, etc.)
  3. System shock. It'd be akin to a vegetarian all of a sudden re-introducing meat into their diet after years of avoidance. Apples are awesome for people on an anti-acne diet... don't give up on them just yet!
  4. Alright, I started my general search with Wikipedia. Yes, I know the information can often be misleading or flat-out wrong, but I consider it a base for further research and/or connections. --- Symptoms The top side of the tongue is covered in small protrusions called papillae. In a tongue affected by geographic tongue, there are red patches on the surface of the tongue bordered by grayish white. The papillae are missing from the reddish areas and overcrowded in the grayish white borders. Whiti
  5. I've had the same thing at various points in my life. About 7-8 years ago, I was at the dentist for a routine checkup and the assistant told me that I had 'geographic tongue'. I asked what caused it and she said that it was 'stress related.' Take it for what it's worth. You've suddenly piqued my interest with this topic so I'm off to start researching. I'll let you know what I find (if anything).
  6. Curries contain turmeric, which in turn contains an active compound called curcumin. In vitro studies suggest that this compound has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, among others. When we're talking acne, we're talking about inflammation to a degree; as such, curry would seem to improve the condition rather than make it worse. Check this out for more information on turmeric (found in curry): http://www.turmeric.co.in/turmeric_ayurvedic_use.htm Good luck.
  7. Dotty, You really went to great lengths to try and hit home your point, and yet, all of these quotes do nothing to support your thesis at all... they're just random quotes from notable figureheads. Who gives a sh*t? So what if Benjamin Franklin was a vegetarian. Does that fact all of a sudden make me want to stop eating meat? No... in fact, it makes me shake my head even more. You're grasping at straws, Dotty. Keep eating your vegetables and miss out on some key nutrients, while I continue to
  8. I pretty much agree with everything you've said, Ryu. I LOVE the Weston A. Price Foundation. That site, acne.org, and research I've done on the internet over the past 5 years has helped rid me of my acne. I'm more focussed on clearing up existing red marks now, which I consider to be the last chapter in a decade long battle that included depression, binge eating, introversion, and low self-esteem among others. Acne has broken me, externally and internally. It's time to heal up and ENJOY life
  9. You should use this as your forum signature. This line was used in the defense for Ted Bundy, a young man who was appointed to the Seattle Crime Prevention Advisory Committee and who kidnapped, beat, strangled, and raped over 36 young women, their ages ranging from 12 to 21. Dotty, you should of quit while you were ahead (referring to your long post about the inhumane treatment of animals). You're really starting to infuriate me with your non-sensical ramblings like the stuff I quoted abo
  10. Sadly, the media has tried to brainwash us into thinking that breakfast time equals cereal time. Also, why all the grain hype? Sure a nice bowl of oatmeal on a Sunday morning is nice, but on your average day, just stick to something simple. If you're really hungry, how about poached eggs on toast? Or, if you aren't that hungry or in a real hurry, just grab an apple (great for teeth too). Breakfast does not have to be the biggest meal of the day, nor the most important (contrary to popular Weste
  11. Maybe I didnt give it enough time but I used diluted HP for around two months and saw no difference. However when I switch from a natural toothpaste to a crest whitening toothpaste I notice results in a few days. Try using the HP un-diluted. Also, have you ever thought of making your own toothpaste? Combine baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and essential oil (e.g. Peppermint, Spearmint, Wintergeen, Anise, Orange) in an empty vitamin bottle with a lid wide enough to dip your toothbrush in. Che
  12. The ingredients in Crest White Strips are as follows: Water, Glycerin, Hydrogen Peroxide Carbomer 956, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Saccharin. If I were to guess, I'd say the sodium saccharin might be the culprit. Also, stop wasting your money on this stuff. You see that third ingredient there? Just buy a bottle of that (really cheap), swish a capful of it in your mouth (undiluted) for 3 minutes every night after you brush and you'll have whiter teeth within a week. You're basically paying money f
  13. Try cod liver oil if you haven't already incorporated that into your diet. Seems to change the quality of my sebum... in other words, it moisturizes but doesn't feel "greasy".
  14. Lots of misinformation in this thread, but I don't have the time to pick it all apart. Rooo, have a look at this (more importantly, what I highlighted in bold): "TG synthesis plays important roles in many biological processes involving storage and transport of energy and FA substrates. It is indeed essential for life in mammals, as demonstrated in mice lacking DGAT2. However, the potentially beneficial effects of DGAT1 deficiency on energy and glucose metabolism have generated considerable int
  15. Wow, Dotty, that's some scary stuff you posted. I didn't know it was QUITE that bad in a lot of places. If animals were killed in a 'humane' way across the nation, would you then go back to eating meat?