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  1. Hey all, I recall reading that skin produces oil in response to a lack of moisture; with this in mind, should I apply moisturizer after I blot? Will this at all decrease the obscene amount of oil my face is producing in the summer? Thanks!
  2. Hey, I really don't think the tablets do anything. I tried just eating the tablets and not much happened, but when I used the 5% benzoyl peroxide and not eating the tablets, my acne went away. But I suppose you could give it a go if you already have some!
  3. I began with 5% BP and have had great progress--I've been on 5% for a year and am all cleared up. I tried to switch to 2.5%, but I don't think my skin reacted that well with it. I suppose test a few things out and see what works for you!
  4. I could tell after just a couple weeks that the Regimen was working, but it really took a few months before I saw the lasting changes that I wanted. It took a little bit longer for marks to fade, but it's been worth it! It's been almost a year now, and I honestly have not had a pimple in months!
  5. I completely support Complex 15. It's light, not-oily, and moisturizes remarkably well (and I live in a dry area). I believe it is available at CVS stores and online at drugstore.com.
  6. Hi, I've had awesome, awesome success with Dan's Regimen over the past year; finally after seven years of acne, I have truly clear skin (without marks!)! However, I have just switched from the 5% benzoyl peroxide I had been using to the Clear Skin 2.5% gel. I realize that Dan says that 2.5% works just as well as 10%, but I sitll wonder--will the change in percentage affect my skin at all? Has anyone had such experience? Your advice is much appreciated; good luck to all!
  7. I think it is completely possible, simply because that's what I do and it's worked. Initially I tried to put the benzoyl peroxide on after washing, but found it too painful (or myself too much of a wimp) to continue doing it. For about six or seven months now I've been cleansing, moisturizing with Complex 15, putting on the BP, then moisturizing again. It may seem excessive but all I can say is that I'm pain and redness free, and that feels fantastic.
  8. Firstly I have to say that I owe much to this site and this messageboard. I have been on the regimen for about six or seven months and have successfully had no bumps for the last three months; though I was not afraid of being in public with my acne before, I can honestly say that I have been much more confident after being on the regimen. However! I do have a question for any longterm clear skin regimeners: recently it seems that some marks have been appearing on my cheeks. No bumps, just smal
  9. I also want to give a little Dan shout-out! I'm in month four to five (I really don't know where I am) of the Regimen and I can safely say that I haven't seen my skin so clear in years. Only some faint redmarks remain, but they're fading (even on the side of my face that gets squashed into the pillow!); my skin is still improving even though I'm at school, which means bad sleep, bad eating, and some bad behavior. For people questioning the Regimen--I really questioned it too because my skin w
  10. Hey there, This is my experience with Nature's Cure: I took the pills hoping that I wouldn't have to use the dreaded benzoyl peroxide cream. That didn't really work. But now I'm using the Nature's Cure BP (since I had so much anyway) and not eating the pills and my skin is almost clear (no bumps, just fading darker marks) at month three, so my guess is that the pills are really kind of bogus and make you feel like you're working "inwards out" or whatever they say, but it really is just the BP wo
  11. Hey all, For the tinted moisturizers mentioned (Neutrogena, Bobbi Brown), how do you know which skin tone will work best with your skin?? Isn't the Neutrogena packaged in the store and Bobbi Brown through online order? I've been wanting some tinted moisturizer, but this is sort of getting in my way, besides my own immense laziness. Danke schoen
  12. I'm looking for recommendations for winter moisturizers; I have combination skin (dry, but oily) so I'm hoping for something that won't increase the shine but not be too light to moisturize well. I currently use Complex 15 (which is lovely), but am afraid it won't be enough in the months to come. Thanks!
  13. hello There have been a lot of posts like this that I have seen; I think most of them came down to: moisturize a LOT, like glob it on; choose the right moisturizer for your skin and the Regimen; wear sunscreen; or (this worked for me, but be careful cause it is NOT the Regimen specific) put light moisturizer on your skin after washing/before BP and again after BP. Hope that was some help!
  14. TimTim, I had really dry/flakey skin within the first three days of beginning the Regimen and couldn't take the tightness and burning, so I ended up stopping. However, I tried it again after a few weeks, but after washing, I moisturized with Complex 15, put on the BP, and then moisturized again. This is a variation on Dan's Regimen, so I'm not going to guarantee any results, but my skin has improved (no pimples, only some red marks left in month 2-3) and I haven't experienced flakiness, dryness,
  15. Hey there, I can't really help you out with questions one and three, but as for question two--if it's any consolation, I also apply the BP in six to eight sections. Maybe I rush things, but it doesn't seem to take terribly long for me; maybe you could increase section size as your skin gets clearer (?) I don't want to give bad advice!
  16. I'm spending the day at the beach tomorrow afternoon and hitting a concert in the evening (the kind that is kind of rank and sweaty) and wanted to know how I should approach my morning skincare process (as in whether I should use BP in the morning); I'm afraid my skin will have too much of a workout if I use BP and bake it in the sun, then sweat it out at night. Also, should I bring moisturizer and apply it during the day? Any advice would be most appreciated!
  17. SHK--I'm so glad I'm getting advice from an artist in training! I've been going to counters in department stores, and really. Most of those women have NO clue what's going on with their products. Anywhoo, Neutrogena is sounding great, but I'm a little wary of this salycilic (?) acid...now that just sounds like it's going to burn like a bitch. I have somewhat sensitive skin (I have to moisturize before I put on benzoyl peroxide, and then moisturize again...I couldn't make it through the pain of
  18. In Dan's "What to Expect," he writes that in weeks 8+ that mild to moderate acne sufferers should have "beautiful and clear" skin. What exactly does this mean? That eventually, the Regimen should give you J.Lo skin? I know this is a sort of odd and difficult question to answer, but I just don't want to get paranoid and freak out if I'm a while past week eight and haven't reached the "beautiful and clear" stage. Thanks!
  19. Thanks for the replies and opinions, but I am still curious-- sakt23 and SHK, it sounds like tinted moisturizer might be what I'm looking for; something that breathes well, won't give me a "made-up" look, but evens out skintone. You guys seem to have experience, so Can it lessen redness? How long does the tint last (AKA can you moisturize once in the morning and make it through the day with the tint?)? Can you buy the Neutrogena tinted moisturizer at a drugstore? I'm just tired of wearing foun
  20. hey all, had a quick question: what exactly does tinted moisturizer do? I know that most tinted moisturizers have SPF, but how effective is the "tinted" part? thanks!
  21. hello! I'm somewhere past week eight, though it's hard to say because it took a while to warm up to the Regimen fully. Anywhoo, my skin on the whole has been progressing well, but I just noticed that I have sprung some itty bitty pimples on my forehead, which has been clear for some time now. It's not that special time of the month, so I'm wondering--is this a bad sign?
  22. Complex 15 is working really well for me; if your skin is anything like mine, then it's oily because your skin isn't moisturized properly. Check product ratings!
  23. Just supporting what others have said; I have never had acne on my nose, but it has always been oily. By completing the regimen on my entire face, I reduced oiliness and evened out complexion. I suppose the key is just to give everywhere some of that good lovin'
  24. I do the same as 30 and natuer, squeeze in smaller increments and work in sections, rubbing in gentle circles until it has absorbed into the area in question. Just remember to get all sections of the face in!
  25. To the beautiful individual(s) who is/are reading this: I'd like to thank YOU for hanging in there, posting advice when you can, and providing support to complete strangers. I wouldn't have seriously considered the Regimen if I had not seen how active and welcoming the message boards were and are; at first I thought acne.org may all be an elaborate scam. But you have brought such a human nature to something so many of us struggle with that for the first time I've begun to actually do something