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  1. so you see.. i need help please someone give me their opinion on this I decided to reply to this guys ad, and basically i'm going with this stranger to the movies in a little bit. I'm kinda asking for it. But I'm the type of girl that you would think have a lot of good morals.. Am I doing something wrong here if I go?
  2. I'm really against this type of thing, but for some reason..... yea. I made one post for this ad, and this guy asked me if I would do bbbjcim for $60. I was like what is that.. when he told me.. i was like o.o..... well i don't want a free meal, and I don't want to be touch by a strange guy.. or even touch a strange guy.. SO yea.................
  3. Anyone here that is an escort? When I mean escort.. i mean the adult thing
  4. He is right though. Don't give up. Usually when one is clear they realize all the time they've wasted trying to clear up and know what they've missed out on in life because of it.
  5. thats good : ) I've also gotten out of my depression state. Hopefully I've found out what it is that motivates me.
  6. I went to drink and eat with my gf.. just catch up on things.. and listen to her brother talk about girls.. (kinda annoying.)
  7. volunteer!! Maybe helping others might motivate you to do something. I'm currently volunteering for the sexual assault crisis program
  8. your haircut is really cute I'm thinking of cutting my hair short this summer, but iono
  9. I use signature. Lasts all day, coverage is great, and no smudges.
  10. We don't look up to them because of clear skin. We just don't want to have acne. "who cares?" ---- We all have insecurities. It can be ones weight, job, sex, hair, skin... It is nice to have support. Like some shows can motivate a person or support them to feel good about themselves or help them in some way. Like acne.org is a great forum for ppl with acne to come and have some support or help with their acne.
  11. hope so, I'm just scared.. I'm kinda lost with myself and not really stable.. I'm scared he'll be scared of me or smth..
  12. Thanks, I told him I was busy tomorrow, but I told him next time we can go for lunch. He was kinda down, but I'm really interested to go with him.. just can't go tomorrow.
  13. What does it mean when a guy ask a girl to go out to drink?
  14. I use signature minerals. It lasts all day even after a work out. Sometimes I get lazy I don't bother washing my make up till I go to sleep.
  15. the most perfect isn't always as perfect as you think it is
  16. since I was 13 so 9 years.. I have it controlled atm.. who knows how its gonna be in the future.. hopefully controlled
  17. I am hesitant of it. I know I'll regret it if I do it.
  18. the link doesn't work.. and theres too many pages to read, and I don't feel like reading them ^__^
  19. Thank you guys for replying. If i had urges to go against myself, and do something wrong. Should I go for it?
  20. JC, try not to think about it. (I know its not as easy.) But really I saw the pics in your gallery, and I know pics are deceiving. Try to be happy : ). I'm pretty sure you're not ugly.
  21. one of the thing that brings me down a lot.. I know what is right and wrong. I'm following the rules of things, I know my goals, I know what I like.. I just don't know who I am.
  22. Hi Everyone, Today I went to a volunteer interview today. For some reason I felt really nervous, emotionless.. its like I can't seem to be myself. I'm not even sure what is "myself". Do any of you guys feel like this? Soulless..
  23. i saw your pics in one of the threads, your skin looks great JC!