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  1. Do they like zoom in really close? Cause it makes my acne/scars under my eyes look like they extend all over my face basically.. Is it the mirrors, or just the bright sun outside that makes it look worse? (i'm quite white)
  2. Well, when I look in house mirror I hardly see it.. The shade/low light makes it harder to see.. Earlier today I was outside in the bright sun, and my face looked pretty bad in the cars mirrors.. like it was really red and it looked very noticable and looked all over.. I wonder if because i'm so white that when i'm in the sun it makes my face look ten times worse than when in doors? Like it makes my face look like milk, then the redness/acne/scars REALLY lite up on my face and look like t
  3. Ok, I hosted them on a diff site, pics should work now... Any ideas on what to use for redness in my case? How about that Avenno ultra calming stuff for redness? I saw the commerical on TV and it says it helps in about a week's time. Is it good to use while on accutane? How about this product here for scars/whatever I have on my face (I can't tell if I got scars, or what...) http://www.abateit.com/acne-scar-removal.htm Ideas? Thanks!
  4. heh thanks.. i'm stay off dermbrasion
  5. But if it creates scarring, it's not gona creat ACNE scarring, will it? What kind of Scarring can it even create? Cuts?
  6. I started accutane on May 19th.. still on it, so been on it for about 3 months.. The red/scars under my eyes have been there forever.. Dermos are saying I should go dermobrasion (even while on accutane they said) to help remove them.. Should I do dermobrasion? I have a Appt tommorow at around 1:30 pm.. so in like about 14 hrs I have to go to Appointment for Diamond dermbrasion while on accutane.. should I? ehhh... 2 dermos said I SHOULD.. but internet sites say it's bad to do while on accuta
  7. Helpppppp I asked two different Dermos at the Dermo place I go to.. Each one said I should do microdermabrasion while on Accutane.. I'm into my 3rd month of accutane.. I have almost all acne scars/redness on my face... One dermo said "I have patients do dermabrasion while on accutane all the time, it's no problem at all. We just do it more carefully because the skin is more sensitive while on Accutane" Although I read this on the internet on many differnet sites: "Microdermabrasion is not
  8. Do you put this all over face with a Cotton ball? Or just on areas with acne? Also, I heard this is a very good moisturzer for the skin.. Can I use just Urine instead of those Mosturzers? Cuz they seem to break out my skin..
  9. It just explains it, for the people who are un-sure of taking it, etc: http://www.dermlectures.com/LecturesQuickt...fm?lectureID=16
  10. This is what I think mine looks like.. I can't tell if it's scars.. or what... Here (mostly this): http://www.dermis.net/bilder/CD18/img0038.jpg And also I have a few of these: http://www.dermis.net/bilder/CD2/img0072.jpg I'm currently 2.5 months into Accutane... Dunno what else to say?
  11. Yeh, under my eyes to the left and right of my nose, I have what appears to be redish acne.. but closer up, it looks FADED, and dead. But it's been there forever. wtf? I can't tell if it's acne or it's it's scars, or faded acne, or what.. But it looks more redder sometimes.. AND when I take a picture of myself with my camera, NO MATTER HOW CLOSE, or far far away I take it, my faces comes out 100% clear. WHAT... I don't get it.. Why on Camera am I clear, but not in real life? Plus, I stil
  12. Nah, not really, as long as you took it that day.. If you forgot to take it for the whole nite, and ended up taking it the next day, that's different. And plus your in day 26, meaning your system won't "run out" of accutane if you take it a few hours late as Accutante sticks into your system. You'll be fine. I try to take Accutane around 2 pm everyday, but sometimes i forget and it's like 5-6 pm, so I just take it then.
  13. Hmm.. Well, I would use Creatine (I have some, and I believed I gained some weight). But I stopped taking creatine cuz I went onto Accutane (I was lifting dumbells and doing push-ups.. that's all I did, but better than nothing). So i'm been eating MUCH less fast-food, not taking the gainer, not working out as much, and not taking Creatine. (Cuz of Accutane I'm not taking creatine or the gainer, and cuz of my acne i'm trying not to eat fast-food.).. But cuz of all those things, I lost weight. ]=
  14. There is this thing called "Super Anabolic Weight Gain Formula, Gainers Fuel 1000" I was wondering.. Can this aggrivate acne? I lost like 8 Pounds. HOW!?!? I'm ALREADY underweight.. I needa gain weight, (and I stopped eatting greasy food fats, but I also stopped taking this gainer.. I never noticed if either one of those affected my acne).. But I need to gain weight.. I can't believe I lost weight, I was already well underweight, it's insane
  15. I work at KFC, but I quit a little over a month ago.. But I need money.. I think I may go back. But is being around all that heat and grease going to be bad for my face? I don't eat the food... Perhaps if I used Warm water to rinse off my face while at work. (say I worked a 5 hour shift, I could perhaps rinse off my face with warm water once or twice). Anyone know? Will rinseing off my face with warm water help to get the heat/grease off my face? Or..