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  1. hehe no worries ^^

  2. hey zaza!

    thanks for your comment :) you made my night.

  3. herpes? You used a condom tho hmm... get a test
  4. k lol none of my piercings are fucked now
  5. Hoiye My skin still likes to break out, now its ON THE SIDE OF MY NECK BOTH SIDES What to do?! Its not like it was on my cheeks and such, just atm I have a cyst. The rest is very mild. Help me?
  6. Hey, how are you?

    I just remembered another person that you resemble looks to...Famke Janssen from Nip/Tuck season 2!!!

  7. Zaza

    Theres nothing wrong with being a virgin!

  8. Hey love, I'm not breaking out anymore *touch wood*

    Its all fine and dandy now :)

    Hows ur skin?


  9. *btw one day ur gnna have to invide me to ur area, cause one day my dream will be fulfilled nd i will get my arse down under ya Mos DEf nd maybe see SILverchair!!!yay mostly Chris Joannou , I love him

  10. Tyson lives on Degrassi Street

  11. Hey Donna Pinciotti, how ya been? Hows ur skin love?


  12. gurrl da Bx is ghetto lol its cool cause everychance I get I go up to my boyfrinds house in the mountains 3 hrs away:(

  13. Hahaha Love! U r so great, Yeh its very annoying getting cystic all over again, I was absolutely devo, so I went back to the manwhore derm and he is trying to fix it lol

    Hows the bronx?!?! Love ya xoxox

  14. hey miss ya , howhve u been??