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  1. Haha. Right on. rubbersheep - great to hear things are finally starting to pick up with liver flushing. I might have to read about your dandelion protocol before my next flush... whenever that'll be.
  2. Udo is right. You should take them on a full stomach. The pH of the empty stomach is between 1.5 and 1.9 whereas, due to the buffering capacity of food, the pH is raised to between 3.8 and 4.3 in the full stomach.
  3. Teplo, why the heck are you eating so much fat??? Are you trying to kill your liver? Fat should only be 33% of your daily caloric intake. That's means only like a couple tablespoon of olive oil, not 1/3 the bottle! And you should cut down the avocado consumption to a spoonful or two a day. The coated tongue doesn't necessarily mean candida, but rather sluggish/toxic bowel. Here's a good link: http://www.askshelley.com/faq.php?p=default&cat=53#a78 READ UP! Shelley is back, so I highly reco
  4. Yes, eating raw may have its benefits, but NOT LONG TERM. There is no culture that has survived on a raw diet.
  5. Raw diets are overrated, and are only for people with super strong digestive systems. Start steaming, sauteing, baking - just plain cooking - instead. Try to make your diet 60% cooked, 40% raw. That way you'll increase your diet options, and you won't compel you to splurge. It's really important to find a diet that works for you. I know, it's hard, but read up and you'll figure it out.
  6. I don't think one banana is gonna make things worse (unless you have a candida problem or allergic), but it's always wise to eat sweet fruit like that in moderation. It's better to snack on berries if you can get 'em. Bananas are also pretty slow to digest, and actually relieve diarrhea.
  7. I just might be the nuts you are eating. How many are you eating at one sitting? Because all that fat will cause huge surges of bile and possibly give you really loose/liquidy BMs. Plus, bile is usually yellowish brown.
  8. Why don't you strictly smoke pot instead? Longer buzz (can be up to a full day if you score some really good bud), better concentration and deeper thinking, cheaper over time (if you learn how to conserve, and not get greedy), better taste, more appreciation towards music, awesome sleep, etc.
  9. No... it isn't as bad as when I had my wisdom teeth removed. I had dry sockets too. there goes 5 or 6 thousand My braces cost just as much. I'm too old to be covered on my parent's insurance policy. double :doubt:
  10. Too bad they can't put the sockets on the inner side or your teeth... And they should invent mini sonicares for easy cleaning after you eat.
  11. I don't even know. I just went along with whatever... the traditional route I guess. Can you still use electric tooth brushes?
  12. So the procedure wasn't that long, but when they gave me a mirror to look like 10 inches from my face, it just shattered my confidence. Their office is literally blinding from the florescent lights, and ya'll know how those make you look; shitty magnified by 10000x. Plus, I'm 20 and just getting this hunk of junk in my mouth now. I look like I'm 16 again...especially with some acne. Eating blows too because food always gets stuck. Two more years of this BS. Fuck!
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