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  1. Well I'm no longer on antibiotics, all I do is apply Tazorac at night, so far so good.
  2. Apply it all over. It will probably take longer than 12 weeks to get clear so don't get discouraged. You'll probably notice a gradual improvement and then it will get to the point where you stop having breakouts or at least only have them occasionally. If you have marks it may still look bad even though you're not breaking out anymore, but those will fade. Good luck.
  3. I wash with Neutrogena extra gentle cleanser, it's the only thing I've found that doesn't dry out my skin. Regular soap, even Dove is really drying, try a cleanser that says that it adds back moisture, like the Neutrogena one or Cetaphil. Good luck!
  4. Hey Tara, that's great!! It's tscorpio24 here...changed my screenname :) Anyway, I'm glad that your skin is super clear now..and you have NO red marks or scars! That is really great :dance: I am now on Accutane and I'm so happy with the results so far. I do want to say that when I started doing the clear skin regimen in the morning(putting on lots and lots of bp) and using the taz at night, my skin was looking alot better than it had in awhile. I was already scheduled to start Accutane so I nev
  5. I wanted to give an update. I had moderate acne and I started Tazorac in July 2005. My skin has been totally clear since October 2005 and now I have no red marks or scars. I got a tiny pimple today, but no one can see it (except for me of course) but that's the only one I've had in 4 months. I feel so lucky, I'm thankful everyday, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Tazorac never stops working. For those of you who are just beginning to use Tazorac, you need to hang in there and give it at l
  6. Yeah!!! That is great it's working for you. It was really sudden like that for me too, terrible one day and then hardly a pimple since. Patience is key and then continuing to use it after you're clear. Keep us updated.
  7. DJ PAUL, how are you doing???
  8. Don't be discouraged even if you have breakouts, it just means the Tazorac is working, but like you said hopefully the antiobiotics will prevent pimples. I had moderate acne when I started using Tazorac my derm was ready to put me on accutane but decided to try Tazorac with Septra/Bactrim first and it worked! I still use both and don't plan on stopping any time soon.
  9. I made lifestyle changes along with using the medication. I started working out (helps relieve stress) and I drink a lot of water now and I also drink unsweetened cranberry juice with water and flaxseed to keep my liver and colon cleansed, and I eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, foods with the Omegas like nuts. Don't get me wrong I still have Starbucks, drink alcohol and have the occasional piece of candy, but I feel I have still made a lot of positive changes. I don't know if it played a part in
  10. When you say you used it everyday, does that mean you never took a day off when it got really dry? If it gets REALLY dry, I'm wondering if it's better to take a day off or do the wash off method. I left it on overnight and if my skin was really dry, I'd skip 1 night and then go back to it. I never would skip more than 1 night though because if you stop using it regularly, it won't work. Make sure you wait 30 minutes after washing your face before you apply it, that seems to help with the
  11. I would love to give you some words of encouragement because I know how frustrating it is feeling like your face will never be clear and dreading looking in the mirror in the morning because you know there are going to be new pimples. I went through a period of depression and cried almost every day and I am usually a very happy person. I think you need to remember that this will pass and you with the help of your dermatologist you WILL find something that works for you. It doesn't seem like it n
  12. Same situation, been on it a little more then two months not really any pimples left but wayy too many red marks from the inital purging left. Makes me angry because the red marks make it look like I still have alot of pimples but I don't. It may not seem like it now but the marks will fade. I had the same problem and had to wear foundation to cover just the marks not any pimples. Aveno correction treatment helped my marks fade, I put it on 2-3 times a day, just on the marks, not all over.
  13. i thought u where supposed to keep it on during bed time? I had one doctor tell me to do it gradually, 30 secs, then 1 min, then 2 min, etc. Then I found a really good dermatologist and he said put it on at night and leave it on. That's the best way to get the full results in 12 weeks I guess. Well it worked for me. I do still have to exfoliate because my skin gets flakey but that's what Tazorac is supposed to do, shed skin and exfoliate so your pores don't get clogged. I love it! It's be
  14. Havent up dated for a few weeks week 10 in a hafe my face looks good havent broke out in in like 11 weeks tazaric is really good i just wish i would stick it out the first 2 times i used it my face got ashey and broke out a little so i thought it wasnt it working so i tryed it again i havent broke out once and hopefully it stays that way if your useing tazaric gut it out for 12 weeks you will love it. That's great news! My face is getting a little flakey now, I'm sure it's the weather thou
  15. Hi. I don't want to post any pictures...sorry. I don't have any before ones anyways....kind of avoided pictures during that time. How are you doing? Better? Thats ok, I just wanted proof the stuff worked, and I have the proof with myself. I have ony a few zits now and just alot of red marks. But at least the skin is smooth and Ill take redmarks that will fade over a zillion big zits any day. Don't worry the marks will fade and the best thing will be that you're not getting new pimple