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  1. 10 grams a day buddy, same as the study. cleared me up completely. B5 doesnt work for everybody, basically if your son has very oily skin like mine it will help. I took 6(500mg) after breakfast 6 after lunch and 7 after dinner. Best acne treatment there is on the market if you ask me, if it works for you that is. I would take a multivit. as well. Your son is probaly on too much zinc, the body can only handle so much zinc before it starts damaging the skin instead of helping.
  2. B5 has pretty much cleared up my skin. I've been on it for about 4 months now and reduced my intake to 4/4/5 pills a day. Would it be ok to stop now? I still get kinda oily but no pimples. Any information on the subject would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Can anyone reccomend something? I'm using cetaphil right now and im pretty sure the SLS in it is making my skin very irrated. Body washes with SLS give me rashes as well. I hate sensitive skin...
  4. what a rip off, 50 dollars a bottle, 2-3 bottles needed per month? haahahahhaha, i'll stick with b5clearskin.com thanks for nothing!
  5. Ive been taking 10g of b5 a day for a couple months now and my oil is starting to come back. In the past I've just upped the dosage and *poof* the oil is gone again for a couple weeks. However I'm somewhat hesitant to go over 10g's a day. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? porfavor
  6. I''ve definatly noticed that beer helps clear my skin. I'm a heavy drinker, nights I dont drink I wake up oily with small red marks. Nights I drink a good deal I wake up with perfectly clear skin, no need to even wash the ol' face.
  7. If you want B5 to work at its full potential take 10g a day and stop using so many chemicals on your face! =) it is my belief that acne is an internal problem and will not be solved by simple topical chemicals. After years of struggling with acne I found my cure in taking 10g of b5 a day and washing morn and night with cetaphil gentle cleanser. Also if your taking b5 you should be excercising, I found says I dont excercise i'll get oily. If I take my morning dose of b5 then goto the gym or run
  8. I've said this before and i'll say it again, eggs generally help alot of types of acne. you guys need to keep in mind people get acne for dif. reasons. allergies, hormones, etc. So what might work for some wont work for others. In my expierence eating eggs seriously slows down sebum production thus leaving me without an oily mess on my face. hard boiled eggs are the best since the yolk does not get any oxygen. cheers and good luck! alex clear skin thanks to b5 and LOTS of excercise =)
  9. Ive been on b5 for two months now and clear the entire time, it worked for me. Accutane is no better for you then megadosing B5, its a choose your own poisen situation. I'm a supporter of b5, just remember your b complex vitamins. alex
  10. Yea I discovered the egg stuff by myself, I always noticed my skin looked better during the day if I started the day off with 3 eggs, definatly helps in the reduction of oiliness. alex
  11. Ill agree with fish on this one, B5 helped alot but eating healthy also helps your oil glands not produce so much oil, I can always see it in my skin a few hours later if I ate fast foods
  12. In regards to taking only 1g a day, I tried taking 2 at every meal, it did absolutely nothing but make me tired and possibly break me out more. After I bumped it up to 10g a day I cleared up within days, I never really had even mild acne just extreeeemely oily skin. I <3 b5! its changed my life
  13. I didnt really understand your question but yes clindamyacin will help getting a cyst from getting big, its an anti-inflamatory. The way it works kinda sucks cause it keeps the mark from coming to the surface, so its hard to pop and jus stays a hard lump for awhile. Try hot soaking if you cant get it to come up. alex
  14. I currently take 100mg of doryx and 10g of B5 a day and my skin is the clearest its been in years, the b5 really helps with oil production and the doryx really helps clear up existing pimples. alex
  15. well being very skeptical of mega dosing a vitamin I started off only taking 6 500mg b5 capsules a day, I found that not to work AT ALL and only made me very fatigued. I then upped the dosage to 9 grams a day, I've been on this for 5 weeks now and I'm definatly seeing results. My oil production slowed down ALOT in the first week but my skin seems to be getting progressively oiler.(maybe the humidity here lately though) I know this sounds kinda odd but what I've been recently doing is keepi
  16. I have the same dilly your talking bout, your face is producing those oils to compensate for the dryness. Bottom line is purpose is too drying for you skin, as it was for mine. Here's what I did to remedy the situation used cetaphil gentle cleanser morning and night and rocked 10g's of B5 a day, no more oily. Skin is still kinda dry but moisturizer helps it. I am in NO way saying this is going to help your situation, but it significantly helped mine. alex
  17. Day 23 Vitamin b5 rocks my world. I've stopped using cleocin and BP along with purpose and just take my multivitamin and use cetaphil, since B5 really slows oil production my skin has gotten pretty dry. My skin used to be an oil disaster, now it takes a long day to make even the littlest bit of oil come out. B5 is a life saver, hands down. :(/ :(/ alex
  18. Ya know this may sound wierd but I've always suspected that smoking cigarettes had something to do with clear skin. I know its really far fetched but I cant think of one of my friends who smokes that has acne. I'm sure its a coincidence but it seemed odd to me. However smoking definatly makes your skin no good no doubt. Maybe long term cigarette smoking does something?? anyone ?
  19. I did alittle research and found this, I'm not sure what plaque psoriasis is, but this proves that the tazorac is probaly still in your system. Never the less I wish the best to you! alex
  20. birth control ican significantly help your problem if your not already on it. Talk to your doctor about it. alex
  21. Take b5, it is actually pretty remarkable the way B5 works. I started for the second time yesterday, and I know this probaly isnt very common but I could already tell it was working. Usually my faces gets oily about 3 hours into work but there I was last night closing the store 8 hours later without a drop of oil on my face. I take 5 500mg 3x a day @ every meal. Alex
  22. I think some forms of acne or generic, some also could be related to allergies or increase in hormone production. just a thought. I know NO ONE in my family has ever had acne but me, but i'm also that tallest one @ age 20 so I assume its hormonal. alex
  23. Is the lotion those wet/dry razors dispense oil-free and non-comedogenic? alex