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  1. hi there i was jus wondering if anyone knew of anyone in the Las Vegas NV area who dispensed TCA products since i will be there for about a week and wanted to purchase some TCA products to use whil in LV instead of having it shipped to my home and have it arrive wen i am not here. I have had some good improvements with the TCA treatments but guess i have to be a bit rough with myself to see visible improvements...or so says the lady i purchased from a while back. Also or if any one knows of a
  2. Femina_male I looked at your photos and can say there are some improvements in them. I have the same problem with mine....along the temples and down the sides of my face. They look worse in overhead or side/back lighting and i need to get them fixed. The last time i crossed mine, I seem to have done something wrong or something since it raised the scars but didnt seem to make them look smaller like yours...culd it be that they are different? I will try again soon. Best of luck. BTW you lo
  3. ZAN & INNERHOTTIE I like the way you guys think. Kinda like me and being optimistic about what culd one day be. It is an awesome feeling right when the scar levels from swelling. I like looking at myself in the mirror wen im driving and wishing that everyday it wuld jus be like this..... but I am too an optimist...GOOD LUCK TO THE BOTH OF YOU ON YOUR NEEDLING/TCA PROCEDURES. I will try needling after i order some supercop, needles and other stuff. Best of luck. zealous1
  4. Zan, Ouch How is the 100% working. I wuld like to dare to try it but cannot take the pain i think or the scabs if any form. also the redness and the spots. Anyway let me know how this goes for you and if you got any greater imprvement with the higher %. how often have you done this? Zealous
  5. Ive applied 15% TCA up to 40% TCA full face at 2 week intervals. The improvment in my rolling scars has been very dramatic! I hadnt had a problem at all. Be carefull with 50% TCA, its left me with a pretty dark red patch on my cheek that looks like it will take another couple months to dissapear. Hopeing fraxel can diminish its appearance. Drewboy thanks for the warning since i was thinking about dong the 50% soon..I noticed that wen i folllowed the instructions on doing one scar at a t
  6. I am wanting to try it since a couple of products i have used (samples) have had HA in them and made my skin look great...jus hoping it would be a better improvment if taken internally. How much are you takin (mg)? How does Strivectin-SD help with scars, thought it was only good for deep wrinkles? Someone posted a while back that it gave them a slight allergic rxn and no improvment. Let me knw zealous1 Are u talking about Hyaluronic Acid being made from chickens? thought they w
  7. On the note of Lotions...HAs anyone used any of the products from ZENMD for scar treatments such as the lotion?
  8. I ordered my needles from an online pharmacy, but I forget which one. I prick each scar lightly about 3-6 times once every 2 weeks. Antzinpantz, thanks and i will do a search on a Novo Nordisk from your prev reply to Inner...I will try next time your procedure on needling. do you use anything prior to needling for pain?
  9. To All: Does anyone know the frequency/how often one shuld do TCA's. I am a bit skeptical about it and wuld like to do them every week if it will increase the chances of improvment. I did a few treatments like a month or two apart and have not noticed any improvements with a 12.5% and was thinking of doing the 50% procedure, but my concern is that since i go to skool and I am VERY SELF CONSCIOUS, aren't we all, about my scars and anything that brings attn to my face especially if your surround
  10. hey Zan i have viewd ur gallery and agree with Innerhottie and think there is some improvements. I like you have the same problem with lookin at my scars everyday and think some days they look great and other days they look worst and very very, I mean VERY noticeable. mine are like yours only alot more and alot closer togethere so they make me look like something outta a sci fi freak show. i have done like three TCA txs but the first onea and second were like 6% and did the entire face and th
  11. WOW! dont know what u are worried about...u look cute! if i was in your skin, i wuld not worry about the little things, ur skin looks very perfect to me....
  12. Hey guys, has anyone heard of hyaluronic acid (ingestibles) as helping with improving scars. I know its the same stuff they use for lip fillers by plastic surgeons jus in a different form. Does it also help with building more collagen such as the way lip fillers do. Anyone know where to get any good ones or recommend someone who does. thnks zealous1
  13. Where do you live? and how do you needle them and for how long and how deep do you go? I tried once with a very thin flexible needle on a scar above my eyebrow and temple area which i have seen only a slight improvement, dont know if i was needling deep enuff. but it hurt. where can someone like me get needling supplies for at home needling. thanks Zealous1
  14. Verysadgirl...............hope all goes well and u'll keep us posted on your results, hopefully immediately after the procedure and well after the first month to see how ur progressing. thanks Zealous
  15. Shenzi, thanks for the help. I hope i find someone close or at least convince someone i know who is a tatoo artists to perform test on me. Also can anyone tell me what the rates are for needling from frank, just to get an idea to convince my friend. With all due respect, Zealous1