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  1. I finally confess my feeling to her ...... in MSN; still not be brave to do this in person, as I really don't know what she thinks when looking at my face. She mentioned that she is confused, and could not make up her mind right now......but she still accept my offer to hang around with her today Is this a kindly rejection ? or she is not sure to date with a scar face guy ?
  2. I am so down these few days, as I have looked at myself in front of a super clean, flawless mirror that is situated under the light condition where all the acne scars and the pimples pigments are so obvious (hell, I am so ugly, I don't have a few scars, as I have around hundreds of ice-pick scars on the noses and the faces......just like on the moon). I guess my imagination and crativity that the story of the beauty and the beast exists just help me to hide my realization that I am ugly in the
  3. Through MSN, I praised her beauty today, and she kindly replied thanks ..... Then in the end, she said "I am flattered . " ......... my mother language is not english, and I would like to ask for the help about what that means
  4. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I didn't have gut to confess my feeling today ........ just keep saying random things like movies, sports ......... Maybe I am really afraid that we could not hang out together if she rejects me, or my gut feeling is telling me not the right time to confess yet . Should I confess through MSN ? or by phone ? if I am too afraid to confess face to face ........
  5. I guess in terms of money, around few thousands ........... but I also spent priceless time, faith, and determination
  6. I wish time goes back 10 years ago, and there was Daniel Kern's Regime 10 years ago
  7. progress: I'm gonna to have lunch with her tomorrow, and I have two new zits......
  8. Positive thing ? I guess acne forces me to stay at home during the holidays so I could study, and I have more time to study than the others