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  1. I have been on 'tane twice and both times I feel it has effected my ability to concentrate doing things, just wondering if there is any proof of this? I think I might have read something like it a while ago.. but can't find anything on it now.
  2. mine was about the same as my acne when i wasnt on it. it's just at first when i was on tane it went, then a few weeks later it came but now it's gone completely.
  3. ...yah but doesnt that mean you have to go through even MORE fucking hell with the MORE BREAKOUTS for like months THEN u get clear skin... its worth it.
  4. dont be dissapionted if you have a breakout period though. mine got better for the first month then went worse then got me clear, good luck!
  5. well it really depends on your weight on how much they are allowed to put you on
  6. yeha its not that low, two years ago i was only on 20mg
  7. most of my friends from school have, thats because i never used to wear foundation or conceler then, just eyeshadow and eyeliner... then tane got rid of it for a while, then when it came back i freaked out and started wearing foundation ect, so my college friends never saw me without makeup on. im clear now tho thankgod!
  8. lol just like when youre in biology class and the teacher goes on about it! that made me wish the ground would swallow me uppppp
  9. woah, I didnt think her skin was THAT bad still beautiful though