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  1. holy shit, ken lay is really dead? I need to get out more.

    1. I'm here cos I'm stalking you, ness...


      1. no too lazy for feather ruffling

        1. YES I DID!!! Heaps of times! I dont know what happened sweets. Anyway...its just the org - we leave the real important stuff for the UG ;)

          1. Pssht, I've noticed you've left comments on other peoples profiles.

            You didnt even bother to leave me a comment.


            1. ah yes. short hair looks good on you my dear.

              1. perhaps you might have started this thread before you decided to fiddle with your face? Stop touching it. It will subside on its own...
              2. Ive been of tane for 6 months now and Im still very clear. If I do ever get a spot its tiny and goes away quickly. But I know how you feel....Im still waiting for it all to come back - its never too far from my mind.
              3. Hi ya TOG *waves*...long time no see. not ruffling anyones feathers as of late? :)

                1. I will assume you are male, and recommend that you might go to an aesthetician who could point you in the right direction for good quality products specifically designed for your skin type. Ella Bache perhaps?
                2. WOW. Reading your post bought back a flood of memories. All I can say is stick it out. It will all be worth it in the end.