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  1. I urge caution taking a harsh acidic product while you're on the Accutane. It's a double-whammy of harsh. If you notice much greater irritation, stop. You might just have to be patient, if the Accutane works time should fix the scarring. Or start the acid products after the Accutane treatment and the majority of redness has subsided.
  2. Wait out the weak treatments (BP/antibiotics etc). If they work, fantastic. If not, don't be scared by the fearmongering and jump on the 'Tane train. It'll most likely work.
  3. Hey guys. First off - if you come to this website every-so-often, frustrated by your vain attempts to clear up your acne using the 1001 'cures' that are posted everywhere on this website, I was the same. Since I joined I tried out a buttload of these treatments (too many to name), but nothing worked. If it did, it would give me false hope by working for maybe one day, and then having acne come back (with the accompanying redness caused by harsh treatments). My dermatologist and parents were
  4. I've got mild-moderate but persistent acne, and NOTHING else has worked over the last 8 years (I'm now 23). My last dose of the Roaccutane course (40mg/day over 8 months) was last week, and right now it's at the stage where anything could happen. Currently however, my skin is in good shape. It's still red but that's reduced quite a bit lately, but there's zero acne, and there hasn't been anything major for months. Occasionally during the late stages (apart from the unavoidable redness) all I ha
  5. Doh! Now I don't know what to believe What if, for example, I took the Accutane 30 minutes after a meal, e.g. eating out then going home? Is there a time limit, or is it okay as long as I haven't taken a dump? p.s. cheers joliecamee, hoping ur correct... solidarity!
  6. What the? In that case, is it normal not to sweat? I'm in the middle of Tokyo, and during summer it's been like 100% humidity and close to 30 degrees (celsius), with no sweating whatsoever. Is that normal?!?!
  7. Hey everyone, I know that w/ Accutane you are supposed to "immediately take after food, preferably a fatty meal or milk", and that this is apparently best, but why exactly? Does this mean that I'll simply have less of a stomach ache? Or that the drug is passing in one end, out the other without being absorbed by the body?!?! I'm worried that the times that I've swallowed Accutane after a healthy low-fat meal, or on an empty stomach are a waste or something. Can someone please explain the che
  8. I wouldn't say BP made my skin 'worse', but I went from a ton of zits but decent underlying complexion --> less zits, but red marks everywhere and horrid complexion out of the frying pan and into the fire... or something
  9. What are my odds of accutane 'curing' my acne symptoms? It's my first course and I'm 23 years old My weight is about 63 kilograms --> apparently = 63 x 120 = 7560mg needed (http://www.acne.org/messageboard/90-people-Accutane-t211959.html) AFAIK I will have taken 8 boxes of Roaccutane = 8 x 1200mg per box (over 1 month) = 9600mg total - better safe than sorry I guess, sure I feel like crap and can't really exercise, but I don't care! I'm not really drinking much at all and am keeping healt
  10. Cheers for the lightning-fast response! I'm not sure if I'll be able to find those things, I'll be asking my Derm (whose English isn't the best ). If my skin reacted very badly to Differin, would Retin-A be better? Is it more gentle?
  11. Hey guys, my course of Accutane is almost over - fingers crossed things stay as they are now! After Accutane I don't want to end up treating my body like a toilet, I think having Acne for 8 years now has taught me the importance of taking care of myself! So I want to give myself as good as possible chances of not having this nightmare start again. So basically I need a good regimen without any harsh stuff. BP turned me red and wrecked my skin tone, and Antibiotics/Differin were beyond useless
  12. I'm using Dan's Products. I know 3 months should be enough time to see results, but I think going into my 2nd month I should start seeing some type of improvement instead of breaking out more and more. I just noticed a another nodule on my jawline. I'm just going to keep on using it until I see my derm. next month. So did you use the regimen before and it didn't work for you?? How bad is your acne? Is this the first time you are on accutane? My acne is comedonal, i.e. whiteheads a
  13. Do yourself and take the time to see the regimen through a few months, but PLEASE don't do what I did and keep holding onto hope that one day the regimen will magically make your skin perfect after 6 months of minor results. And don't listen to anyone who says that you must just "be doing it wrong". It can happen but in my case was a load of bollocks. I know there are many naysayers out there, but don't be under the impression that the Regimen will be your personal miracle cure. It's definitely
  14. I know it sounds like a stupid question, but hear me out. I'm teaching in college and I have a student with acne, and it's clear he does nothing about it. How do I know? The smell. I didn't think I was teaching him today, but I could smell that filthy grease stench in the corridor in front of the class, and knew he was inside. Anyway, I'm teaching in this absoutely midget-sized room (no fresh air ftl) and he's sitting no more than 2 feet away from me, and I can literally taste the damn grease